Private Rome in a Day E-Bike Tour

The Best of Rome in a Day by E-Bike

Our private, eco-friendly e-bike tour features the best sightseeing attractions in Rome. Cruise from site to site with the wind in your hair. Effortlessly climb some of Rome’s hills, you barely even need to pedal.


We will be cycling most of the time but there is minimal effort in pedaling thanks to the electric bikes.

4 h
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1 Via Dei Fori Imperiali
2 Colosseum View
3 Circus Maximus
4 Aventine Hill Rose Garden
5 Capitoline Hill
6 Trevi Fountain
7 The Spanish Steps
8 Pantheon
9 Piazza Navona
10 Piazza Farnese
11 Trastevere
12 Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere
13 Tiber Island & Jewish Ghetto
14 Teatro Marcello


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E-bike City Tour
This private and eco-friendly electric bike tour showcases all the best things to see in Rome. Especially in the summer months, walking all around Rome can get quite warm. However, on an e-bike tour, not only do you exert less energy, but you also cover more ground. Ride from Circus Maximus to the Roman Colosseum. Witness the incredible Pantheon and experience the bustling old-world charm of Rome's historic center. This private 4-hour tour includes:
- A Rome city tour including the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona
- Access to some of the best views of Rome
- E-bike rental
- Private English-speaking guide
E-bikes are now made in child sizes as they are motorized. Anyone riding the bikes must be 5' 2" (160cm) minimum. 

Aventine Hill and the Orange Garden

Your private e-bike tour begins in Rome’s city center, where you will cruise up the Aventine Hill to experience one of Rome’s most scenic views. You’ll visit the Rose Garden, Orange Garden and the Aventine Keyhole. After stopping to admire these three sites, you’ll cruise down the hill and visit the Circus Maximus, the world’s first ancient stadium.

A Look Down into Ancient Downtown Rome

You’ll continue on with your guide past the Greek Ghetto and to Rome’s Capitoline Hill. Here, you’ll find picturesque views of the ancient Roman Forum. 

A View of Rome’s Colosseum

Your private e-bike tour of Rome will take you to a vantage point overlooking the Colosseum next. It was at this famous amphitheater that gladiators and wild animals fought to the delight of up to 60,000 screaming spectators. Stop at a small park with a view of the Colosseum for a photo opportunity and quick break. This historical ancient Roman structure dates back over 2,000 years and is a beacon of the Roman Empire’s cultural way of life. If you would like to go inside the Colosseum and visit the Underground, Arena Floor or restricted top levels, we also offer top-selling Colosseum tours.

Trajan’s Column, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps

After stopping to see the Colosseum, you will then cruise toward the Piazza Venezia to see the massive Trajan’s Stone. This huge column was built by Emperor Trajan in honor of his victory over the Ancient Dacians. You will then continue your e-bike tour by cruising through some of Rome’s classic back roads to the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi Fountain. After visiting the Trevi Fountain, continue on to the world’s most famous staircase - Rome’s Spanish Steps. It was at these iconic steps that Audrey Hepburn enjoyed one of Rome’s best snacks - an ice-cold gelato.

Rome’s Architectural Marvel - The Pantheon

The mystical name of the Pantheon in Rome derives from the Greek adjective that means “honor all gods”. In fact,  the Pantheon was built as a temple dedicated to the worship of Pagan Roman gods. In A.D. 609, Pope Boniface IV and Emperor Phocas converted it into the Christian church we see nowadays. 
The opening in the center is known as the oculus or “eye” in Latin. Despite its religious symbolism as the “window to the other world”, the purpose of the opening is of extreme importance for the engineering and stability of the Pantheon. Also, the Oculus is the only source of natural light in the building.

Cruise Through Trastevere

Your private tour will continue as you cross the river at Ponte Sisto into Trastevere. Home to many of Rome’s greatest bars and restaurants, the Trastevere neighborhood also features some of Rome’s most beautiful streets. Trastevere is one of Rome’s most picturesque neighborhood and best places for nightlife. Don’t forget to ask your private tour guide where the best places to eat and drink in Trastevere are, or come back and try our local food tour in the same area later.

Cross Tiber Island into Jewish Quarter

After exploring Trastevere, you’ll cross back over the river into Rome’s Tiber Island. Tiber Island is one of Rome’s oldest sections and features the oldest bridge in the Eternal City. Take a journey through Rome’s Jewish Quarter. The Jewish Ghetto is still tied to Rome’s Jewish community to this day. After this, you’ll visit the tour’s final sightseeing attraction, the Teatro di Marcello (Theatre of Marcellus). This 2,000-year-old building looks similar to the Colosseum but is actually 100 years older.
At this point it time for goodbyes. Your guide is happy to offer helpful advice on how to get back to your hotel and also tips on how to return to the sites visited on this tour. All our guides are happy to provide you advice about what to do during the rest of your time in Rome.