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Rome Food and Wine Tours

Taste the city's cuisine on the best food tours Rome has to offer

If you're looking for the best Rome food tours, our local foodie guides lead walking tours in the best foodie districts of the Eternal City. Visit the best places to eat and drink in the Trastevere district, Campo de' Fiori Market, Vatican neighborhood and more. The Roman Guy's food tours allow you to eat like a local and avoid tourist traps. Get a taste of authentic life in Rome - the delicious food, aperitivo, the best nightlife areas and social traditions.

As experts in all things Rome, we are passionate about sharing our love for Italian food. Italian food and wine is celebrated around the world. However, only after you've tasted 'Cacio e Pepe', a local Roman pasta dish or visited the best aperitivo spots in Rome, are you able to really appreciate the cuisine that Rome offers. And no trip to Italy is complete without wine tasting. Sample some of the best wine as you eat some of the best pizza, pasta, antipasto and street food in Rome.

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