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Explore the Paris Catacombs where more than six million people lie beneath the incredible city of Paris. This Paris Catacombs tour allows you to skip the line, which sometimes lasts up to three hours! Listen to a true "Cataphile" (Catacombs afficianado) unravel the incredible folklore associated with the darkness beneath the City of Light. Find out why this burial site was created and discover Paris Catacombs facts that you'd never guess.

The Paris Catacombs are commonly known as the “World’s Largest Grave”. Below the ground, millions of bodies and bones are laid to rest here. Centuries ago, Paris lacked sufficient cemetery space, and as a result this underground burial area was created. With a circuit of underground tunnels, the Catacombs keep you on their feet with every twist and turn. Not to worry though, your official Paris Catacombs guide knows the way and will show you all of the highlights of the tombs, complete with the myths and legends that surround the site.

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Guided Tour

Guided Tour

Privileged Access Paris Catacombs Tour with Secret Rooms

Skip the Line and Gain Access to Secret Rooms the General Public Can't

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Entry Ticket

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