A team dedicated to building the best Rome tours & activities on the market!

Its easy! We combine the right attractions with passionate people who find ways to see them better.

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How We Create Unique Experiences in Rome

1. Start with an attraction locals love

From the Colosseum to Catacombs and even local delicacies!

2. Find a more unique and exclusive way to experience it.

Go in through a back door, visit at night, before opening, or even go underneath it!

3. Find the best guides possible

We handpick and work with guides who are passionate about history and storytelling.

4. Make it affordable

We design group sizes that keep tours intimate and small, but still keep the cost per person down.

How Can we Take Your Rome Trip to the Next Level?

Who is The Roman Guy?

The Roman Guy isn’t a person, but a group of people. The word “guy” only reinforces that we are not just a company, but real people. It also reminds us that we serve real people. We’re definitely not only men, quite the opposite most times.

The Roman Guy is a brand that operates tours in Rome with strong brand recognition and a large group of loyal customers (thank you!). The Roman Guy did such a good job it has become The Tour Guy and expanded to many cities such as Paris, Florence, Venice, London, and even NYC!

We also now are growing our line of tours globally. While you can find all our Rome tours on this site, all our international tours are found on The Tour Guy including our Rome tours.

Our mission is to, “Help travelers unlock the full potential of each destination experience."