Private Restricted Areas Top Levels Colosseum Tour

Climb to the Top of the Colosseum

Our private tour of the Colosseum’s top levels is for people who enjoy great heights. Climb to the top tiers and witness the best views of the Flavian Amphitheater. Then, tour the Roman Forum with your knowledgeable, English-speaking private guide.


This tour will include several flights of stairs to arrive at the very top of the Colosseum on the Fifth Level and some walking on uneven terrain.

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1 Colosseum Exterior
2 Colosseum Third Tier
3 Colosseum Fourth Tier
4 Colosseum Fifth Tier
5 The Nosebleed Section
6 Roman Forum
7 Arch of Titus
8 Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
9 Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine


1st & 2nd Level
3rd, 4th & 5th Level
Roman Forum

Experience exclusive access to the restricted upper levels of the Roman Colosseum. Open for the first time in four decades, this restricted area of the Colosseum offers some of the best views in Rome. With its breathtaking views down into the Colosseum Underground, this private Rome tour is perfect for those who love taking photographs. 

  • - Access to the top levels of the Colosseum
  • - Private and professional English-speaking Colosseum guide
  • - Access to the ancient Roman Forum
  • - Custom group size


Colosseum Third Level

After using your skip the line Colosseum tickets, ascend to the third level of the 2,000-year-old structure. This is where middle class Romans sat for gladiatorial events. Much like today, the best seats in the house were as close to the action as possible. Emperors and senators enjoyed the best seats (marble benches) on the first level of the Colosseum, and imperial functionaries parked themselves on the second level.

Plebians to the Top Levels

Ordinary citizens of the Rome had to hike up the steep stairs to claim their place for the games. Luckily for you, these nosebleed seats provide some of the best views of both the Colosseum from above, and the city of Rome. The Colosseum’s fourth level seating section rests almost directly above the emperor’s Imperial Box on the first level. Common women occupied the Colosseum’s fourth tier seating, while both common women and the poor occupied the fifth.

Private Roman Forum and Palantine Hill Tour

This private Colosseum tour includes skip the line tickets to the Roman Forum, the former center of the Roman Empire. Our guides are trained as experts in ancient Roman history and know the ins and outs of both the Colosseum and Forum. The ruins here are also known as the “Ancient City”, the downtown area of ancient Rome. You’ll see some of the Roman Forum’s most important buildings, including the Temple of Julius Caesar, the Roman Senate House, the Arch of Titus and more.
At the conclusion of your private Colosseum tour, take some time to explore Palatine Hill on your own. Admire the view of the Circus Maximus, walk through the Farnese Gardens or lose yourself in thought while perched on an ancient piece of marble. Don’t forget to ask your tour guide where the best places to eat in Rome are or consider taking our food tour of Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood later that night. In addition to history and art, we love to eat and share the best spots for authentic Roman cuisine.