Tivoli Fountains & Hadrian's Villa: Day Trip from Rome

Hadrian's Villa Tour from Rome

If you want to spend a couple of hours outside of Rome and feast your eyes on on the private residences of some of the most powerful people who ever lived, our day trip to the Tivoli Fountain & Hadrian's Villa is right up your alley.


This tour is Active! You will explore an archeological site with uneven ground as well as climb a fair a mount of steps. Beautiful views come from a high!

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1 Pick up at hotel
2 Tivoli
3 Hadrian's Villa
4 Sprawling green fields
5 Canopus
6 Great Bathhouse
7 Lunch*
8 Villa D'Este
9 The Gardens
10 "Rometta" Fountain
11 Fountain of the great cup
12 Alley of 100 fountains
13 Drop off at hotel

If you want to spend a couple of hours outside of Rome and feast your eyes on on the private residences of some of the most powerful people who ever lived, our Tivoli Fountains & Hadrian's Villa: Day Trip from Rome is right up your alley. 


Located less than 20 miles from Rome, Tivoli is home to many springs that have over the centuries been harnessed by the local elite, and used to embelish their private residences. Ones that stand out are the Villa Adriana, built in 2nd century AD by one of the most prolific Roman Emperors ever, and the Villa d'Este, a glorious Renaissance estate of a cardinal of the Church! The Roman Guy is here to show you what attracted the wealthy Romans to this region, and the opulence and splendour they have created!


Hotel pick up & drop off

This private trip includes hotel pick up & drop off from your hotel in Rome, so you needn’t worry about going there and getting back. Once you arrive to Tivoli, you will meet your local guide, who will unveil for you the secrets of these fabulous gardens. In between the visits, there will be time for you to relax, and enjoy a lunch and drink*.


Emperor Hadrian

If you’re a son of a Roman official spending your childhood on dusty farms in distant Spain, you are most likely not going to have high aspirations. But the ambition has lead young Hadrian to become one of the most powerful Roman emperors of all time! He will reign over the empire at the height of it’s power and territorial extent, and this will show it’s perks in the many glorious achievements in culture and architecture of the time. 


Hadrian’s Villa 

The patriarchs of Rome would spend vast amounts of time outside the city in their villas and the Emperor Hadrian created a Villa that had it all! This complex is certainly the proof that the culture of the Roman Empire spans far beyond the Aurelian Walls of Rome. Your Tivoli private tour guide will show you the highlights of emperor's 300 acre villa; his fountains, palaces, squares and you'll even discover stunning details about his underground heating system. The acclaimed emperor has put all of his affection for Ancient Greece and Egypt into his summer residence. This made his villa a collection of styles from different corners of the known globe and a homage to some of his favorite destinations. Nowadays, you are still able to seize the grandeur and the beauty of his accomplishment.


Cardinal’s gardens

After you have visited the ancient villa, your guide will then take you to what is considered one of the most beautiful collection of fountains on Earth: Tivoli springs built by the wealthy cardinals of the Catholic church. This is where you will witness some of the finest of the landscape architecture and the Renaissance gardening that Italy has to offer! 


Villa d’Este

Cardinal Ippolito d’Este ran for the pope 5 times, but was never elected! However, there is something he can still put on his CV: he was the owner and commissioner of one of the most lavish palaces and gardens of its time! You will get to admire the cardinals apartments, decorated by beautiful fresco paintings, unrivaled by many museums around the world! But the real gem of the villa are it’s countless fountains nestled in the carefully adorned gardens: from the breathtaking Fountain of Neptune, to the exceptional Hundred Fountains! You will also get to admire some impressive views of the gardens and the surrounding area from many of the villas high terraces.


Why take this tour?

If you have time to spare and are trying to get away from the hustle & bustle of the city, then this is the trip for you. Door-to-door driver service means you don't have to worry about getting there and back. Our guide will bring to life both of the villas, one Ancient Roman and one Renaissance, so that you can admire both aspects of beauty showcased in these marvelous residences. There will also be time for you grab a bite, and enjoy a drink and coffee in between the visits.