VIP Colosseum at Night Tour with Underground and Arena Floor

Experience Ancient Rome and the Empty Colosseum at Night

This VIP Colosseum Night Tour is one of the most exclusive experiences you can get in Rome. Experience the Colosseum Arena Floor and Underground under moonlight with no crowds.


You will be on your feet for the duration of the tour. This is a tour of an archeological site as well, so paths of uneven terrain and steps are to be expected.

2.5 h
max 25
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1 Piazza Venezia
2 Views from the Capitoline Hill
3 Via Dei Fori Imperiali
4 Roman Forum Views at Night
5 Trajan's Column
6 Trajan's Market
7 Colosseum at Night
8 Colosseum Underground
9 Colosseum Arena Floor
10 Deadly Trap Door & Lift
11 VIP Evening


Arena Floor
1st & 2nd Level
Capitoline Hill

No Crowds!

After the daytime crowds are gone, experience ancient Rome and the Colosseum at night. This evening tour also gives you access to both the Underground and Arena Floor, when there's almost nobody else inside the Colosseum. Spaces on this tour sell out fast - book now to avoid disappointment. And when we say no crowds, we mean it! In fact, you might not see another tour group while you're inside the Colosseum. If you've seen how popular the amphitheater is during the day, then you understand what a rare opportunity this is. This two-hour tour includes:
- Skip the line special access Colosseum tickets
- A birdseye tour of ancient Rome at night (1 hour)
- Access to the Colosseum at night when it's almost empty
- A guided tour of the Colosseum Arena Floor and Underground (1 hour)
- A professional English-speaking guide


For the first hour, go back in time as you explore the area that surrounds the Colosseum. Get a spectacular view of the Roman Forum from above, all lit up. Then, spend the final hour inside the Colosseum. This is when the ancient amphitheater is at its most atmospheric, under the glow of moonlight.

The Best Views of Ancient Rome

Before your Colosseum night tour begins, our guide sets the scene of ancient Rome. On a walking tour, discover the iconic areas near the Colosseum. These important sites include Rome’s “Wedding Cake”, the Roman Forum, Trajan’s Market and Trajan’s Column. While this ancient Rome tour does not physically enter these places, our guide knows all the perfect vantage points for taking jaw-dropping photos. Learn all about how the epicenter of the Roman Empire used to look, who lived there and why the Roman Forum is so important.

Piazza del Campidoglio

First stop, Piazza del Campidoglio at the summit of the Capitoline Hill - one of Rome’s famous seven hills. The Piazza del Campidoglio is the first modern square in Rome designed by Michelangelo, the same man who painted the Sistine Chapel and carved the magnificent David statue in Florence. In addition, the massive staircase in front of the Palazzo Senatorio is also created by him. Your tour ascends this very staircase.

Trajan’s Market

Constructed sometime between A.D. 107-110 and considered the oldest shopping mall in the world, Trajan’s Market epitomizes the sophistication of the Roman Empire. Built in a multi-level structure to the north end of the Colosseum, the multi-level complex once housed 150 shops and offices. As you learn about the structure from outside, try to spot the similarities between ancient Rome and modern day society.

Trajan’s Column

The story of Emperor Trajan’s victory over a barbarian army isn’t just written about in books - it’s also told in 155 scenes that spiral down a 126 ft column. Like modern-day comic strips, battle scenes from the war between Rome and Dacia wrap around the triumphal column. After more than 1,900 years, the column is one of the most distinctive monumental sculptures to survive the fall of Rome. Hear about how archaeologists have scrutinized the scenes to learn more about how the Roman army dressed and fought so long ago.

Explore the Colosseum at Night

The final part of this Rome night tour takes you inside the Colosseum. Keeping in mind the Colosseum’s bloody history, the chilling stories your guide shares with you are even more eerie when you're almost alone under the moonlight. After all, this is where gladiators and wild animals fought, surrounded by up to 60,000 screaming spectators. As you enter, it becomes clear exactly how massive this 2,000-year-old structure is.
The first stop on your Colosseum night tour is the Colosseum Underground, also referred to as the Colosseum Dungeons. Used for storing slaves and animals, the Colosseum Underground featured two levels and elaborate networks of tunnels. Explore this restricted behind the scenes area with your guide. In addition, get up close to a model “trapdoor” used to lift human and animal fighters up to the Arena Floor - the next stop on the tour.

The Arena Floor Experience

Walk under a great archway known as the "Porta Libitina" or the Gate of Death and out onto the reconstructed Arena Floor, where the savage games once took place. The Gate of Death earned its name because only the dead passed through this exit after losing their lives in battle. Standing on the Arena Floor under the glow of moonlight, with no crowds to be seen, is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Your tour will end outside the Colosseum. Want to know the best places to grab a cocktail or late dinner near the Colosseum? Ask your guide for the best local suggestions.