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The Complete Guide to Rome at Night: What to See and Where to Eat & Drink

written by Sean Finelli December 2, 2019

As the sun sets on the Eternal City, something magical happens.

The streetlights awaken and illuminate Rome’s ancient ruins. Bars and restaurants prepare for the evening crowds and people of all ages venture outdoors to shake off the day’s work and socialize.

It is amazing as the streets, bars & restaurants fill up with travelers and locals alike!

Last Updated: August 13, 2020

Tips & Structured Options

If you like this post, create a “Rome” folder in your browser and bookmark it.  You’ll thank me when your travel partner looks at you and asks, “What should we do tonight?”

This post recommends things to do on your own as well as tours in Rome you can do with us.  You should mix in a little of both.

Is it safe to walk around Rome at night?

Before we get into our list of things to do in Rome at night, let’s answer this important question. Yes, walking around Rome at night is completely safe.

All of the areas we will mention in this blog are filled with livelihood and character, even after the sun goes down. We do, however,  recommend keeping a close eye on your belongings to avoid pickpockets.

Take a Colosseum Night Tour

Colosseum at Night

Rome’s most iconic monument, the Colosseum, is an absolute must-see. The almost 2000-year-old amphitheater fascinates over 6.5 million visitors a year with its bloody history.

If you don’t feel like sharing your experience with millions of other people, take a Colosseum night tour or check out our other Colosseum tours.

The VIP Colosseum at Night Tour is not just a way to explore the monument without the crowds (or the heat!), it also includes access to restricted areas, making it one of the city’s best night activities.

You’ll get to explore the Colosseum Underground and Arena Floor, two of the Colosseum’s most sought-after exclusive access areas.

Rome Evening Food Tour

rome food tour

Simply, one of the main reasons people visit Rome is for the food. And why waste any of your meals at a tourist trap restaurant with low-quality cuisine?

On our Local Rome Food Tour in Trastevere, you can accompany a local guide to taste Rome’s authentic flavors.

On this tour, you’ll experience the best food in Rome through a variety of street food vendors, a sit-down traditional Italian dinner, and of course, a gelato stop.

Walk Around Rome at Night

Rome’s monuments are impressive during the day, but at night they take on an entirely new persona.

Make the Trevi Fountain your first place to visit and you’ll see what we mean.

Walking through the city at night, when it’s cooler outside, is often a more pleasant experience than covering the same ground during the hot day.

Stick to the historical center for a nighttime walk packed with the best sightseeing and people-watching.

Visit the Vatican at Night

Vatican at Night Tour

Are you looking for cool things to do in Rome? Most people make a point of visiting the Vatican.

However, the heat and crowds in summer are sometimes overwhelming. Why not tour the treasure trove of art and antiquities at night instead?

Especially if you aren’t a morning owl, our evening Vatican tour is the best way to experience the best collections in the Vatican Museums with fewer distractions.

Rooftop Bars

As the city of seven hills, the city of Rome boasts a number of scenic spots with spectacular views. So, as dusk approaches, get yourself to a rooftop bar or other swanky places to get a drink with a view.

For the best view of St. Peter’s and the Vatican, head to Les Etoiles Rooftop Garden, at the Hotel Atlante Star.

The elegant setting, decorated with flowers and twinkly fairy lights, makes it a popular spot for couples looking for romance.

Plus, the prices here are reasonable, which attracts both tourists and locals alike.

We much prefer to lounge here on a balmy summer evening, but should you visit in cooler months because blankets are provided to keep out the chill.

Outdoor Cinema

With the arrival of long, warm and most importantly dry summer nights, open-air cinemas pop up across Rome. From summer blockbusters to cult classics and Italian titles you pretend you’ve already seen, there’s something for everyone.

L’Isola del Cinema Film Festival on Tiber Island begins in June and continues through September. Focusing on independent films across a range of genres, the films include both English and Italian language screenings.

Across the river, the free Festival Trastevere Rione del Cinema sets up camp in Piazza San Cosimato all of June and July.

There’s also the Casa del Cinema in the Villa Borghese. Entrance is free but places are limited, so don’t be late. As with all our suggestions, double-check the showings and info before you go.

Hit Up a Speakeasy

Rooftop bar in Rome

Speakeasies are hidden behind the most ordinary-looking doors in Rome.

The most famous of these joints, The Jerry Thomas Project, started the underground bar trend when it opened in 2010.

Both reservations and a password are required, but make it through the door and you’ll be transported to the roaring twenties.

Make yourself comfortable on a Chesterfield leather sofa while the bartender prepares your favorite tipple.

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