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How to Get Easter Mass Tickets in the Vatican City

written by Mickey Iacono-Walsh February 21, 2019
Easter Mass Papal Audience

Attending Easter Mass at the Vatican is an incredibly sought after event. Getting Easter Mass tickets is pretty difficult, but don’t despair, we got you covered. 

We wanted to write the ultimate guide on what to do at the Vatican during Easter weekend and how to get Easter Mass Vatican tickets.

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How to Score Easter Mass Tickets at the Vatican

Easter Mass Vatican


There is no specific form for Easter Mass tickets, requesting tickets for this event follows the same process as requesting tickets for the Papal Audience on Wednesdays throughout the year.

Here’s the process:

  • Mass on Easter is celebrated in the Basilica from 10:15 am until noon and is led by the Pope himself. Tickets are free.
  • Plan ahead, we recommend reaching out to the Vatican 2-6 months ahead of time.
  • If you request a smaller group of tickets you are more likely to get approved by the Vatican. It is easier to get 2-4 tickets compared to 15.
  • Send a fax. The PDF version of the form is found here. Fax number: +39 06 698 85863. (Yes, we know faxing is archaic but it’s worth finding a fax machine).
  • You’ll receive an old school letter from the Vatican (cool souvenir?) confirming that they received your request. This is not a confirmation of your tickets.
  • When you arrive in Rome, make sure to confirm your tickets.
  • Tickets are to be picked up at the Prefettura Vaticana. This is an office on the right-hand side of the Basilica, next to the “Bronze Door”. Find the location here.
  • This step should be completed 3-5 days before the mass. Hours of Prefettura Vaticana: 8am-6pm

If you are not able to send out this fax at least 60 days in advance, this does not mean you will not be granted tickets but it is less likely than if requested months in advance.

How to celebrate if you are unable to secure tickets:

Easter Mass Vatican Crowds

Tickets to the Vatican Mass are very limited, but if you are not able to get tickets that should not sour your mood.

There are plenty of wonderful events at the Vatican and around Rome during Holy Week between Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Good Friday

Mass is celebrated at St. Peter’s Basilica at 5:00 pm on Good Friday. This solemn mass is another way to experience mass at the Vatican on the most holy of days.

Tickets for this mass can also be secured through the same form but the volume of requests is much lower than for Easter Sunday.

Also on Good Friday, the Pope performs the Station of the Cross (Via Crucis) at the Colosseum beginning at 9:15 pm. This event is incredibly powerful for Catholics and non-Catholics.

For this event, no tickets are required, but we recommend arriving early to secure a good spot.

Holy Saturday

On Holy Saturday, there is a vigil held at St. Peter’s Basilica beginning at 9:00 pm until midnight to signify the start of Easter. This free service does require tickets as well and follows the same format as the request for Easter Mass.

Easter Sunday

Papal Mass Vatican







If you are not able to secure tickets into mass at the Basilica on Easter morning, the alternative is also a very good option. After mass, the Pope will head to St. Peter’s Square and give his “Urbi et Orbi” blessing to St. Peter’s Square.

Unlike the events in the Basilica, the Urbi et Orbi does not require tickets, but we definitely recommend getting there early to try and get one of the limited seats available.

Easter in Rome is an amazing time to visit and the events celebrating the holiday are incredible. Getting tickets for these events can seem daunting, but if you follow the process it should be stress-free.

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Mass on Easter is celebrated in the Basilica from 10:15 am until noon and is led by the Pope himself. Tickets are free, therefore we recommend planning in advance. Here is the guide on how to get Easter Mass Vatican tickets | The Roman Guy Italy Tours

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