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The Louvre is the largest art museum on earth. The historic Paris monument is packed with priceless works of art including the Mona Lisa. We offer the best private Louvre tour that includes skip the line tickets and a personal art-loving tour guide.

Tour Details
  • I.M. Pei's Modern Louvre Pyramid
  • Skip the Line Entrance
  • History Beneath the Louvre Paris
  • Passionate Local Guides
  • Sleeping Hermaphoditus
  • Understand Why Certain Art is Famous
  • The Coronation of Napoleon
  • Liberty Leading the People
  • The Main Event: The Mona Lisa
  • Relax in the Gardens

The Louvre is the largest art museum on earth. Visiting the Louvre is intimidating, but The Paris Guy makes it easy. Not only does our private Louvre tour include skip the line tickets, but you're also accompanied by a personal local art-loving tour. Our professional guides are true experts who bring the Louvre collections to life. From the construction of the building to the artists behind the best artwork in Paris, gain an in-depth understanding of the world’s most impressive, and popular, museum.

Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, a private tour provides a highly-personalized experience. Ask your professional guide as many questions as you want - a private tour moves at your pace! A private Louvre tour is also an excellent option if you have limited mobility. Your vacation in Paris is tailored to you, and a private tour is a more intimate experience for you and your loved ones. We also offer a small group Louvre tour if you prefer a more affordable option. This private 3-hour tour includes:

  • - Skip the line Louvre tickets
  • - An expert English-speaking guide
  • - A private tour of the Louvre
  • - A customizable group size

Skip the Line Louvre Tour

This private tour includes skip the line Louvre tickets, so you don’t need to wait in line with thousands of people. Once inside, your private tour of the Louvre begins. All our Louvre guides are passionate experts in art history. As you stop by all the best masterpieces, learn the stories behind them and the artists who created them. Besides the highlights of the Louvre, visit artwork that is mostly unknown. After all, the collections inside the historic monument contain 38,000 priceless works of art. And remember, there is no need to consult your guidebook or map, our guides know the Louvre as well as their own living rooms. 

Mona Lisa's Smile

Why is Mona Lisa’s smile so mysterious? Is she happy or sad? Leonardo da Vinci’s famous portrait of Lisa Gherardini, titled Mona Lisa, is arguably the most famous painting in the world. The masterpiece also holds a Guinness World Record-breaking insurance policy for approximately $800,000,000! Our guide can't wait to share the stories behind the acclaimed painting, and the fascination with the woman it depicts. Leonardo da Vinci was a true genius who left behind a huge legacy in both science and art. Besides the Mona Lisa, Leonardo has plenty other paintings housed at the Louvre.

The Louvre is also home to thousands of sculptures. One of the most well-known is the Venus de Milo. Standing 6'8" tall, the Venus de Milo represents the feminine beauty ideal. Discovered in 1820 on the Greek Island of Milos, the statue depicts the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Another highlight in the Louvre is the Winged Victory of Samothrace, a marble Hellenistic sculpture of Nike (the Greek goddess of victory). Created in the 2nd century B.C. (or thereabouts), the statue is one of the most celebrated in the world. These incredible ancient sculptures only represent a fraction of the Greek and Roman antiquities at the Louvre.

The French Royal Family

The Louvre is a former royal palace. Given that the Louvre has such a strong link to royalty, it only makes sense to visit France’s Crown Jewels. On display in the Louvre’s Galerie d'Apollon, the surviving French Crown Jewels were worn by the kings and queens of France. At each new Coronation, an extravagant custom crown was created. As you admire the prized items, learn about the history of French royalty

At The Paris Guy, we put a huge amount of energy into all our tours, including our private Louvre tour. At the conclusion of this tour, don’t forget to ask your private Louvre tour where to eat and what to do in Paris. As experts in all things Paris, we do all we can to ensure your vacation is filled with amazing French culture, world-class art, incredible food and unforgettable memories.

What you get with this tour
Skip the Line Louvre Tickets
A Private English-Speaking Louvre guide with Art History Expertise
See the Best Museum in the World
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Thanks Violet!

Met Violet yesterday for a three hour tour of the Louvre. Skip the line was well worth it. Violet added so much to the experience, she knew her art history and explained so much about a variety of pieces. We saw the Mona Lisa towards the end of the day which reduced our wait time considerably. Learn so much more about the museum than just that "one famous painting". Thanks Violet for making it so interesting! Make sure you have comfortable shoes, it's a lot of walking😃

Reviewed by
Best way to see the Louvre

Loved this tour! The Louvre is crowded enough without being on a small group tour, having our guide to answer all our questions and make sure we saw all we wanted to see was perfect

Reviewed by
Angie F
Louvre Tour

Did the Louvre Tour with Abbey on 19 April. My husband, son and myself were the only ones on the tour as the other two attendees did not show up. Abbey was a great historian and provided us with interesting facts about various pieces in the Louvre. She managed to get us prime position in front of some of the most popular pieces and gave us great advice in dealing with the Mona Lisa "mosh pit". We could not have done the Louvre without a guide and really appreciate the time and effort Abbey took in taking us through. Thank you Abbey and The Paris Guy.

Reviewed by

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to meet?

At the equestrian statue of Louis the XIV in front of the Louvre Pyramid. A representative will be there holding a sign with our company name on it.

What to bring?

Bring a bottle of water and a snack if you think you will need one. Comfortable shoes are encouraged since the tour involves three hours of walking.

Q: Can I use my Paris Museum Pass to get a discount on our Louvre tour?


A: We pre-book all of our reservations and admission tickets for the Louvre Museum in advance. While the Paris Museum Pass can bring you inside the Louvre, our tours include pre-booked reservations. Because of this, you are not able to use your passes on our tours.



Q: Can we stay longer in the museum after the tour ends? 


A: After your guide says goodbye, you are allowed to stay inside the museum until closing time. Be aware, though, that once you exit the area where the artwork is, you will not be allowed to re-enter. 

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$65.35 / per person Reserve Now
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