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This Private Virtual Guided Tour is designed to create a fun, memorable, and educational event with your very own guide. Whether it's a corporate event, family reunion, birthday party, or another event, touring the Ruined City of Pompeii or learning the history of Versailles with your very own expert will bring your group closer together. Each webinar is packed with photos, videos, polls, and a fully interactive chat function which makes each one anything but a lecture video.

Tour Details
  • Pick from destination around the world!
  • Interactive Polls and Quizzes, Fun for All Ages
  • Live Chat with Your Guide
  • Learn About Art, History, and Religion
  • Ancient Times to Modern Day
  • The Story Brought to Life!
  • Experience a Place Exclusively Available with a Private Tour
  • World Renowned Locations

Click here "show full description" so see tour options. Just let us know at checkout in the comment box which one you choose.

Do you want to spend an hour with one of our top guides, learning about the Colosseum and Roman History? Or are you interested in learning about the best Renaissance art gallery and the priceless works inside? Or perhaps  you want to learn the ins and outs of Gaudi the man and his works across Barcelona? Choose one of the many destinations from across Europe that sparks your curiosity and be absorbed into the history and culture of the place.

This 60 minute online virtual tour includes:

  • A Licensed Local Guide

  • A 60 minute virtual interactive tour of the destination of your choice

  • Virtual platform and event link supplied by The Tour Guy

  • Space for up to 200 participants per tour

  • Live Q&A with your guide throughout the tour

Exclusive Tour for Any Event

Choose from the list of our most popular virtual tours or select one exclusively available as private tour. At the time of checkout, please let us know which tour you would like and we'll do our best to make it happen. In the unlikely event that tour is not available for your date, we'll work with you to find an alternative tour or time. Perhaps you're even interested in a place you don't see listed? Please let us know and we might even be able to make it happen for you. After all, tours are our speciality!

Select Your Next Great (Virtual) Destination

  1. Gladiators, the Colosseum, and Crazy Emperors: Ancient Rome Virtual Tour

  2. Michelangelo & Papal Rivalry: Vatican & Sistine Chapel Virtual Tour

  3. Roman Catacombs and the Appian Way: Early Christian Tombs, Bones and More

  4. Vatican Special: The Secret Rooms of the Vatican

  5. Caravaggio and Bernini: Two Very Different Geniuses: Borghese Virtual Tour

  6. Caravaggio: The Artist, the Revolutionary and Trouble Maker Virtual Tour

  7. Life and Decadence Forever Preserved in Ash: Pompeii Virtual Tour

  8. World’s Great Destinations: Capri Virtual Tour

  9. Highlights of Italy: Rome, the Amalfi Coast, and Beyond

  10. The Secrets Behind the Birthplace of the Renaissance: Florence Virtual Tour

  11. Wine, Vineyards, Castles, and the Countryside: Tuscany Virtual Tour

  12. Golden Mosaics, Winged Lions and the Floating City: Venice Virtual Tour

  13. Behind the Mask in Venice: Carnival & the Man Who Made It Famous, Casanova

  14. Adults Only: Risqué Rome: Sex, Vices, and Sins in the Ancient Empire

  15. Napoleon's Personal Treasure Trove: Louvre Virtual Tour

  16. Detailed Virtual Louvre Tour and Its Collection of Sculptural Masterpieces

  17. Paris: The City of Lights from Ancient Times to the Fire of Notre Dame

  18. Marie Antoinette: The Rise and Death of Versailles Virtual Tour

  19. A Labyrinth of Bones below the City: Paris Catacombs Virtual Tour

  20. Impressionism and the Golden Age of Art: Musée D'Orsay Virtual Tour

  21. The Dark Side of the City of Lights: Crimes and Legends in Paris's History

  22. Gaudi, the man who put his city on the map: Barcelona Virtual Tour

  23. The Queen, the Royals and the Empire: Historic London Virtual Tour

  24. Pyramids, Dynasties, and Power: Ancient Egypt Virtual Tour

  25. The Land of Prophets, Pharaohs, and Rich History: Modern Egypt Virtual Tour

  26. Ghosts and Ghouls of London through the Ages

  27. World's Great Destinations: Ireland Virtual Tour

  28. The Magical World of Harry Potter: Edinburgh Virtual Tour

  29. The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

  30. Exploration of Latin America Through its Exotic Fruits

  31. Grandfather of Impressionism, Monet & His Inspiration: Giverny Virtual Tour

  32. A Misunderstood Genius and Post-Impressionist Master: Vincent van Gogh Virtual Tour

  33. India's Largest Street Art Colony: Colorful & Inspiring Virtual Tour

  34. 19th Century Splendor of the Imperial City: Budapest Virtual Tour

  35. The City of 100 Spires: Prague Virtual Tour

  36. World's Great Destinations: The Pink City of Jaipur Interactive Virtual Tour

  37. Ancient Sites and Hidden Mysteries Virtual Tour of Athens

  38. Opera, The Duomo, and The Last Supper: Highlights of Milan Virtual Tour

  39. The Northern Capital of Russia: Virtual Tour of Saint Petersburg

  40. "The Greatest of All Churches" Saint Peter's Basilica Virtual Tour

  41. The Decline of the Empire: Rome Through the Dark Ages Virtual Tour

  42. A Town Steeped in History: Saint-Emilion Virtual Tour

  43. Georgian Wine, Culture, and Tradition: South Caucasus Georgia Virtual Tour

  44. Historic Cities, Highlands and Islands: Virtual Tour of Scotland

All Start times are listed in US Eastern Time. You can use this timezone converter tool to verify what the start time is in your city. Change the city on the right to "New York" and insert the time you are considering. The tool will compute what time that is in your location. Then, select the available time that works best for your event.

What you get with this tour
Exclusive expert guide for a memorable and engaging experience for your group!
Flexibility to create your own event!
Live and interactive!
A 60-minute virtual interactive tour of the destination of your choice
Virtual platform and event link supplied by The Tour Guy
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Life and Decadence Forever Preserved in Ash: Pompeii Virtual Tour
01 April 2022
Reviewed by
Felicia Long

Franco is a great guide. He really knows his history. He was our guide for the Gladiators, The colosseum and crazy emperors tour as well . The group was really impressed.

Pyramids, Dynasties and Power: Ancient Egypt Virtual Tour
20 August 2021
Reviewed by
Felicia Long

Arafa Omran was wonderful. The group had a fantastic time. He was so informative and knowledgeable. His facts on Egypt were great including his joke about the first Tom and Jerry cartoon.

The Life and Decadence of Pompeii
09 August 2021
Reviewed by
Shaun Krietemeyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to meet?

What to bring?

Can I cancel or make changes?

Virtual Tours are nonrefundable, but we are able to reschedule with 24 hours advance notice.

What time are the tours?

All tour times are listed in US Eastern time are listed at varying times to fit your schedule and the guide’s.

What are the minimum computer requirements?

All you need is access to a good internet connect, desktop, laptop or ipad are recommended for screen size. Casting to a TV should work as well.

What online platform do we use?

It called BigMarker and works great for large and small group presentations.

Can I cancel or make changes?

Virtual Tours are nonrefundable, but we are able to reschedule with 24 hours advance notice.

Do I need a webcam / Microphone? Will other people be able to see me/hear me?

Only if you want to. Neither are required and there is a built in chat function.

What age group will be best suited for this experience?

We welcome those of all ages, there will be certainly be nothing beyond PG in most experiences, unless otherwise noted.

What is the base price?

The base price is the starting cost of having your very own private event with your personal guide and virtual room.

$10.80 per adult
+ $108.00 base price
Total: $118.80

available days discounted days

Reserve Now $10.80 / per person
$10.80 / per person
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