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The Roman Guy enjoys working with travel agents, but to keep compliant and our relationship smooth we have a few ground rules


– We pay agents by two forms.  PayPal (world-wide) or Check (North American agents only).

How to Get Paid

– To get paid you need to supply an invoice to The Roman Guy after your tours have occurred.  This invoice needs to have simple info.

  1.  Name to go on check (Person or Business)
  2.  Mailing (or PayPal email address – preferred)
  3.  Business or personal address (if paid by paypal or if differs from mailing address)
  4.  Name of client, tour dates, total revenue and commission to be paid.

What We Need From US Agents

– If you are requesting a check to be paid to a “person” and not a “business” and you are in the United States of America we need a W9 form filled out and completed properly.  If you are a business you do not need to fill one out, but the check must be written out to the name of the business. If being paid by PayPal the email address must point to a PayPal business account.  We cannot send funds to a personal account without a W9.

What We Need From Agents Outside The US

– Basically nothing.

Thank you in advance for complying to our terms.  We are looking to create a better system for paying travel agents in the future.  If you are unhappy with it or do not agree to it unfortunately we would not be able to forge a business relationship, but hopefully this one works for now.  It is set up this way to comply with US commercial and tax regulations!

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