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The desire to explore Italy!
Whether you’re planning your first trip or you've been here more than once, we can understand your longing to visit the boot! The only difference between you and us... We never left! The Roman Guy is made up of Italy-loving experts longing to share our passion and knowledge with you. 

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We're just guys and gals...
The Roman Guy is made up of a bunch of people from all over the world. Travelers at heart, who visited Rome on vacation, and decided to stay and make it home.We haven’t forgotten what it's like to see Italy as a visitor and get excited to be able to share its local culture with others. With this love for Italia, our mission is to provide unforgettable experiences to those who are visiting this amazing country!
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Trust us, we've been through it all
Through our own experiences in Italy, we’ve cultivated unique and creative ways to see Italy. From finding new ways to experience the well-known attractions to sharing the lesser-known hidden gems.We go out of our way to make sure we are giving visitors the experience of a lifetime, from organising a special agreement with the Colosseum and Vatican Museums, to a completely/totally original tour in Venice. You name it, we're on it!
On top of that, we’re all nice people who want you to enjoy Italy!
What experiences could you enjoy on your next trip?


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Something we often get asked... Okay but... Who is The Roman Guy?
The most common question we get asked is: “Who is The Roman Guy?” The Roman Guy isn’t one person, it is a whole team! I wouldn’t say he is a guy either - most of our team is actually female.We like having “guy” in our name because it reinforces that we aren’t just a company, we are a team of passionate and friendly people. We are a group of like-minded people that want to create unforgettable experiences for our customers, always with top-notch customer service and that personal touch.

How it started?

a wall street guy became the roman guy tours in Italy


He gave up a career on Wall Street to follow his roots back to the boot.

colosseum with heart tours in Italy


He fell head over heels for a lady named Italy & decided to stay a while.

about us the new shield of the roman guy tours in europe


He met another Guy with the same passion for Rome, both eager to deliver unique experiences to travelers

How we create a unique experience:

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Find something people love about Italy. From famous attractions to lesser known hidden gems

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Think of a unique way to experience it. We make sure it’s different to how it’s currently offered e.g. visit a restricted area, visit at night, visit before opening, meet the locals

best guides in town with the roman guy

Find the best tour guides possible. We handpick guides who are passionate about history and storytelling

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Make it affordable. We want anyone coming to Italy to be able to enjoy our experiences

What makes us different?

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