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fox and feather blog

Aug 27, 2018 Discover the Vatican Museums with The Roman Guy Fox & Feather

A Path to Lunch

Aug 21, 2018 A Path to Lunch The Best Tours of Rome's Colosseum

Blogger and the Geek

Aug 16, 2018 Blogger and the Geek Exploring the Colosseum with The Roman Guy

La Vita Roma

Aug 11, 2018 La Vita Roma Trastevere Food Tour with The Roman Guy

Why Waste Annual Leave

Aug 7, 2018 Why Waste Annual Leave A Walking and Driving Tour of Rome

Food and Baker

July 17, 2018 Food and Baker Italy: Hidden Venice Food Tour


July 13, 2018 Itallish What Locals Eat in a Day in Rome

Great Lakes Scuttlebutt

July 5, 2018 Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Experience Italy as Only Locals Can

So Scottsdale

June 28, 2018 So Scottsdale Magazine Venture to Venice

Martha's italy

May 21, 2018 Martha's Italy Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums

Margie in Italy

May 18, 2018 Margie in Italy - Your Guide to Bella Italia What is the best way to experience the underground levels of the Colosseum?

Martha's italy

May 16, 2018 Martha's Italy Rome Colosseum Top Levels Tour

May 14, 2018 Erin at Large Things To Do in Venice

May 2, 2018 Resident Magazine Stress Free Planning Of A European Vacation

April 19, 2018 Tourists meets Traveler Going to the Vatican with Toddlers - Is it Possible?

April 18, 2018 Passage for Two - The Adventure Begins The Best of the Uffizi with The Roman Guy

Feb 13, 2018 Trek and Run Trek and Run Mag - Winter 2017

Jan 31, 2018 Citalia Secret Eats

Jan 22, 2018 Merry Feast How to eat your way through Rome

Aug 31, 2017 Got The Travel Bug Too 6 Great Outdoor Activities to do in Rome

Aug 24, 2017 An American in Rome Visiting the Colosseum at Night

Food Specialities to Try in Rome - Bonjour White

Aug 07, 2017 Bonjour White Food Specialities to Try in Rome

Jul 28, 2017 Home To Italy Rome one bite at a time: food tour

Jun 17, 2017 Rachel Williams The Roman Food Tour

Jul 17, 2017 Travel Pulse The Travel Agent's FAQ

Great Destinations - Cinque Terre

Jul 09, 2017 Great Destinations Radio Show The Cinque Terre Villages of The Italian Riviera

Visit Rome with The Roman Guy

Apr 14, 2017 Blondie Wanderlust "Visit Rome with The Roman Guy"

What boundaries- Venice canal boat tour

Apr 04, 2017 What Boundaries Travel "Venice Grand Canal Sunset Boat Ride"

Trastevere Food Tour

Mar 30, 2017 High Heels and a Backpack "Priviliged Entrance Vatican City Tour with The Roman Guy"

Twinkle Toast - Wine Tour

Mar 16, 2017 Twinkle Toast "Wine Tasting and Italian Carnevale"

Roaming historian - Venice Walking & Boat Tour

Mar 15, 2017 Roaming Historian "This Just In: New Roman Guy Tours"

Trastevere Food Tour

Mar 11, 2017 High Heels and a Backpack "The Roman Guy - Trastevere Food Tour Review"

Andy Steves: How to best discover Rome

Mar 07, 2017 Andy Steves Travel "Rome: How to Best Experience the Eternal City"

Twinkle Toast - Wine Tour

Mar 07, 2017 Twinkle Toast Blog "Weekends in Rome with The Roman Guy"

Feb 27, 2017 Oh The People You Meet A Sustainable Travel Guide To Rome

Feb 26, 2017 Hudson and Emily"Best Things to Experience in Italy"

Glasgow girl in Edinburgh

Feb 25, 2017 A Glasgow Girl in Edinburgh "Touring the Vatican with The Roman Guy"

Rome Sweet Rome - Emma gannon

Feb 19, 2017 Emma Gannon "Rome Sweet Rome"

Feb 13, 2017 Italy Food Project "Top 5 Foodie Things to Do in Rome"

1000 travel tips

Feb 10, 2017 1000 Travel Tips "Budget Travel Tips for 2017"

Feb 02, 2017 La Casabloga "My Winter in Rome experience"

Feb 01, 2017 Jetset Christina "When in Rome"


Jan 28, 2017 The Hostel Girl "Highlights of My Winter in Rome"

Winter in Rome Blogger Experience

Jan 25, 2017 Cross Pollinate "Winter in Rome Blogger Weekend"

Great Destinations - Cinque Terre

Jan 25, 2017 Great Destinations Radio Show "Beat the queues when in Rome"

Go See Write - Rome There's an App for that

Jan 25, 2017 Go See Write "Rome: There's an App for that"

Go See Write - Rome There's an App for that

Jan 25, 2017 Go See Write "Rome: There's an App for that"

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Dec 05, 2016 Stories My Suitcase Could Tell "When in Rome: My First Impressions of the Eternal City"

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Roaming historian - Venice Walking & Boat Tour

May 30, 2016 Roaming Historian "Roaming with The Roman Guy"

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Apr 14, 2015 Here We Go Again "Roman Food Tour."

Apr 14, 2015 Here We Go Again "Roman Food Tour."

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