Arena Floor Colosseum Tour with Roman Forum

Walk out onto the Arena Floor through the Gate of Death

Enter the Colosseum through the back door entrance, avoiding lines and crowds. Then, enter the Gate of Death to step out onto the Colosseum Arena Floor, where ancient Roman gladiators fought to the death.


This tour will include climbing large steps and walking on uneven terrain. Expect to be on your feet for the duration of the tour.

2.5 h
max 15
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1 Colosseum Arena Floor
2 Roman Forum
3 Julius Caesar's Temple
4 The Eternal Flame
5 Vestal Virgin Atrium
6 Arch of Constantine
7 Senate House
8 Basilica of Antoninus & Faustina
9 Basilica of Maxentius & Constantine
10 Arch of Titus


Arena Floor
1st & 2nd Level
Roman Forum

This guided Roman Colosseum and Forum tour not only includes skip the line tickets, but you'll also use a different entrance from members of the general public. Go back in time on an authentic gladiator experience as you enter the reconstructed Arena Floor through the “Death Gate”. While our bestselling tour includes access to the restricted Arena Floor, it does not include the Colosseum underground and third ring. If you are looking for one of our Rome tours with access to the Colosseum Underground, we have you covered! This tour lasts 2.5 hours and includes the following:

  • - A local English-speaking professional guide
  • - Skip the line Colosseum tickets
  • - Guided Tour of the Roman Forum
  • - A maximum group size of 15


Colosseum Arena Floor Tickets

Avoid the crowds as you walk out onto the coolest restricted area of the Colosseum – the reconstructed Arena Floor. Travel back in time as you trace the footsteps of gladiators. Facing death at the hands of a human or animal opponents, gladiators fought surrounded by 60,000 screaming spectators. Visit the opening to the reconstructed trap door and let your imagination go wild, as your guide describes the types of wild animals that also once contributed to the Colosseum's popularity and significance in ancient Roman society.

Roman Colosseum Pictures

Get your Cameras ready!  The Arena Floor is the best place in the Colosseum for photo opportunities. Our guided tour includes plenty of time to take pictures of you acting like a victorious gladiator to show your family and friends back home. And while you pose, members of the general public will look down at your tour group and wonder “How did they get there?”. This is because the Arena Floor is not accessible to regular Colosseum ticket holders. 

Roman Colosseum History

After the Arena Floor, go on a journey to the Colosseum's first and second levels. See where Emperors sat and learn the rules of the gladiatorial games for both competitors and spectators. Learn why the ancient amphitheater was named the Colosseum and more.  After spending a total of 1.5 hours inside of the Colosseum, begin your guided Roman Forum tour.

Guided Roman Forum Tour

This Colosseum Arena Floor tour includes Roman Forum tickets and a guided ancient Rome tour of the ruins inside.  All our professional guides are trained as both Colosseum and Roman Forum tour guides. This area, also referred to as the "Ancient City", is a Roman archaeological site that was once the location of downtown Ancient Rome. Visit some of the most famous Roman Forum buildings, including the Temple of Julius Caesar, Arch of Titus, the Roman Senate House and more. Relive ancient history as you walk down the same roads taken by famous Roman Emperors and philosophers.

Climb Palatine Hill 

When your Colosseum Arena Floor with Roman Forum tour concludes, you have free reign to wander around on your own. Climb the Palatine Hill and take in the views over Circus Maximus, relax in the Farnese Gardens, or simply perch on an ancient piece of marble and take in the beautiful surroundings. By the end of the tour, leave the Colosseum and forum with a camera full of incredible pictures of the Colosseum and a mind full of knowledge about life in ancient Roman.