Colosseum Underground Tour with Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Bestselling Colosseum Underground Tour

While most Colosseum experiences only include the first and second tiers of the Colosseum, this tour includes two restricted access areas: the Colosseum Underground and Arena Floor. Uncover the dungeons of ancient Rome's entertainment center.


You will be on your feet for the majority of this tour. We navigate an archeological site so expect uneven terrain and steep stairs.

3.5 h
max 24
from 104 reviews
1 Colosseum Underground Dungeon
2 Colosseum Arena Floor
3 Deadly Trap Door & Lift
4 Arch of Constantine
5 Palatine Hill
6 Stadium of Domitian
7 Roman Forum
8 Arch of Titus
9 Rome's Eternal Flame
10 Atrium
11 Basilica of Antoninus & Faustina
12 Senate House
13 Basilica of Maxentius & Constantine
14 Julius Caesar's Temple


Arena Floor
1st & 2nd Level
Roman Forum
Palatine Hill

The Roman Colosseum is a must-see attraction in Rome. Witness the incredible history of this 2,000 year old structure up close on our exclusive skip the line Colosseum Underground tour. Very few visitors get the chance to visit the underground area because Colosseum Underground tickets sell out fast. Plus, gain behind the scenes access to the reconstructed Arena Floor, take a guided stroll through the Roman Forum and climb the Palatine Hill. This exclusive 3.5 hour includes the following:

  • - A skip the line Colosseum Underground tour
  • - Access to the Arena Floor
  • - A professional English-speaking guide
  • - A guided tour of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
  • - A maximum group size of 24


Please note: Sometimes we do not visit the Colosseum first, and instead start with a guided tour of the Roman Forum.

The Colosseum Underground and Dungeons

The first stop on our tour is the Colosseum Underground or Dungeons. Used for storing slaves and animals, the "Hypogeum" featured two levels and an entire networks of tunnels. This is where gladiators and wild animals awaited their gruesome fate. Led by a professional English-speaking guide, explore this behind the scenes area of the Colosseum. 

Next, walk under a great archway known as the "Porta Libitinaria" or the Gate of Death and out onto the reconstructed Arena Floor. This is the heart of the Colosseum and where the savage games took place. The Gate of Death earned its name because all deceased gladiators and animals were removed from the Colosseum through this exit. As you trace the footsteps of gladiators, imagine the deafening screams of 60,000 spectators.

First and Second Levels of the Colosseum

Visit the first and second levels of the Colosseum. The views from these parts of the Colosseum provide an excellent opportunity for more photos. As you snap away on your phone or camera, learn more about the brutal games the Colosseum once witnessed. All our tour guides are experts in the archeology and history behind the historic sites we visit - including the Colosseum. Learn why the "Colosseum" is just a nickname, why women didn't sit with men and the "modern" device that kept everyone protected from the sun.

Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

Once you’ve had your fill of gory Colosseum history, explore the heart of Ancient Rome: the Roman Forum. Your Colosseum tour tickets also include skip the line tickets and a guided tour of the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Get a front-row seat to Ancient Roman history as you take a guided walk through the ruins of the Temple of Julius Caesar, the Arch of Titus, the Roman Senate House and much more.

Your guide will bring it all back to life with tales of Mark Antony, Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and more. And last but not least, sandwiched between the Roman Forum and the Circus Maximus, is the Palatine Hill. This awe-inspiring area of towering pine trees, majestic ruins and unparalleled views was where Romulus was said to have founded the city in 753 B.C. This is also where Rome's emperors lived in opulent luxury.