Local Florence Food Tour with Sant'Ambrogio Market

Florence is for Foodies

Led by a local foodie expert, our local Florence Food Tour includes lunch in the Sant'Ambrogio market and plenty of the best local foods and authentic Tuscan "vino" (wine) in Florence. Immerse yourself in the food culture of Florence and Tuscany.


This is a light walking tour with frequent stops.

3 h
max 10
from 5 reviews
1 Local Florentine Life
2 The "Coccolo"
3 Florentine Meats & Cheeses
4 Tuscan Vino!
5 "Schiacciata" with "Porchetta"
6 Streets of Florence
7 "Trippa alla Fiorentina"
8 Fun Learning
9 Market Lunch!
10 More Vino!
11 La Dolce Vita

Italian food is celebrated well beyond the boot-shaped peninsula. Much of the best food in Italy comes from Florence - the “Cradle of the Renaissance” is celebrated for food and drink. With a local foodie guide by your side, visit some of the best places to eat in Florence. This Florence Food Tour includes a visit to the Sant'Ambrogio Market and some of the best pasta in the capital of Tuscany. As they say in Italy, your appetite comes with eating, so that's just what you'll do. And along the way, learn about Florentine culture and the history of the delicious dishes you enjoy.

Lunch at Sant'Ambrogio Market

After a nice walk and a few glasses of wine from Tuscany, sit down at Florence's Sant'Ambrogio Market to experience a typical Florentine lunch. 
Now, it's pasta time! We couldn't decide which pasta plate is our favorite, so we included three local pasta dishes at a trattoria run by two brothers. This food tour also includes:  

  • - Coccolo - A savory fried pastry popular as a snack in Florence.
  • - Local meats and cheeses - a Florentine appetizer is never complete without them.
  • - At least 3 glasses of Tuscan wine - the red nectar of the gods.
  • - Perfect Porchetta - This panino with cured meats is a Florentine staple.
  • - Trippa alla Florentina - Keep in an open mind about this authentic Florence street food.
  • - Florentine pastries - End your delicious day by sampling some delicious local sweets.

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