Skip the Line Sagrada Familia Barcelona Tour


Visit the marvelous Sagrada Familia, the triumph of modernist architecture, pride of Barcelona and Gaudi's unfinished masterpiece.


This is a leisurely and short walking tour.

1.5 h
max 16
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There are few buildings in the world synonymous with the city they are built in, and Barcelona's Basilica of Sagrada Familia is one of them. The pride and joy of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia has enchanted and dazzled its visitors since its construction under Antoni Gaudi first began. To this day, the Sagrada remains unfinished, and every visit offers something new. If you're looking to explore all areas of this breathtaking building while skipping the long lines that lead inside, then this is the tour for you. This tour includes: 

  • Admission to Sagrada Familia
  • Skip the Line entrance
  • Access to Basilica towers
  • A friendly and local English-speaking guide

Sagrada Familia Skip-The-Lines

The Sagrada Familia is the most visited site in all of Barcelona, and one of the most visited churches in Europe! It's not surprising that the lines to get in can sometimes go in a circle around the church. We'll skip the line and make sure that your time and attention is not wasted by waiting outside. As you're heading inside with your guide, you will learn the history of this magnificent structure and admire the two contrasting facades of its exterior: the Facade of the Nativity, and the Facade of Passion.

The Basilica

Nowadays, the Sagrada Familia attracts more than 3 million visitors each year. Your guide will bring this sensational church to life and make you fall in love with every stone, stained glass window, floor decoration and ceiling carving. The beauty of this architectural masterpiece reflects Antoni Gaudi's strict standards.

Gaudi's Legacy

Learn about the eccentric genius who envisioned this masterpiece and started working on the Basilica at the age of 30. Gaudi suffered a fatal accident near the construction site in 1926 and will never see his masterpiece finished. Almost 100 years later, Sagrada Familia is still a work in progress. With each passing year, visitors to Sagrada Familia get to see it in a different light and closer to the completion of Gaudi's masterplan. 

View from the top

Once your tour is over, it's not the end of your exploration of the Sagrada Familia. Your guide will bring you to the elevators that will bring you up to one of the basilica's towers. From there you will have the most magnificent view of the city beneath you and its unique grid of streets. Also, only when you rise so high from the ground and see the intricate details of decorations and carvings in the spears of its towers, will you truly get to appreciate this sensational building. 

Explore More

After admiring the views of Barcelona from the tall towers, you will descend below the Sagrada Familia, where you won't be disappointed. Underneath the floor of the church, you will discover the Sagrada Familia museum. With a plethora of real scale models, original photography, drawings and documents, you will be brought a step closer to comprehending the vast genius and brilliance behind Barcelona's architectural gem!