Venice Islands Adventure

Visit Venice's Islands Murano and Burano

Only accessible by boat, the famous islands of Murano and Burano are a must-see when visiting Venice, Italy. Our private Venice islands tour allows you to discover these charming and colorful islands.


You will be balancing your time between being on the boat and some light walking.

4 h
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2 Glass Blowing
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5 Set Sail to Burano
6 Burano Island
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The floating City of Venice attracts people from all over the world with its charming canals and bridges. However, the magic of the city doesn't stop there. Speed across the lagoon and see why the charming and colorful islands of Murano and Burano have captured people's hearts for centuries. Inhabited by amazing Italian craftsmen who produce the famous Venetian colored glass and intricate lace, these Venice islands are the perfect places to experience the artisan culture of the city. This 4-hour tour includes the following:

  • - Boat ride and tour of Murano and Burano
  • - Exploration of local glass blowing techniques
  • - Drop off either at your hotel or in center of town
  • - Private and professional English-speaking guide

Murano Glass Blowing Tour

Enjoy the scenic views as you take off from Venice on a short boat voyage to Murano Island. As you approach the island, notice the beautiful pastel-colored buildings that line the shores. Murano consists of seven small islands linked by bridges and once served as a commercial trading port from the 7th to the 13th centuries. Best known as home to the glass making, many of the workshops and artisans who work here belong to the same families who've practiced their craft for centuries. Explore the history of glass blowing in Murano and observe the techniques that have made this art form so well-esteemed in Venice and beyond.

Burano Island 

Hop on board your private boat ride from Murano to Burano, another gorgeous island off the coast of Venice. The brightly-colored fishermen's houses that line the canals here are depicted in the most popular pictures of Venice. Known for its delicate Burano lace, the charming fishing village is home to about 2,000 people. While it's now a treat to admire, the brightly-colored houses once served a practical purpose for the fishermen who called Burano home. The vibrant hues made it easier to return home when the Venetian fog made for low visibility. In addition, if fresh seafood is calling your name, Burano is the place to enjoy it.

Sail Back to Venice

Enjoy another relaxing boat ride as you cruise back to Venice. Rest assured, after this jaunt to Murano and Burano, you'll have a deeper appreciation for the rich history of artisans in the Floating City. Return back to your accommodation with a camera full of incredible pictures and lots of incredible stories to share with your loved ones. Don't forget, if you need advice about what else to see in Venice and where to eat, ask your guide. All our guides are true locals and know about all the best places in the lagoon.