Venice Doge's Palace Private Tour

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Venice is an amazing city full of artwork, culture, beauty and romance. Amidst the canals, gondolas, cafe’s and grand piazzas you have Doge’s Palace with it's breathtaking facade; the epicenter of this city and a cornucopia of it’s splendor.


We will stroll through the galleries and rooms of the palace without much effort.

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Doge's Palace

Venice is a city full of artwork, culture, beauty and romance. Nicknamed The Floating City, Venice's historic canals are lined with splendid Venetian Gothic buildings. Amidst the canals, gondolas, cafés and grand piazzas of Venice is the breathtaking facade of The Doge's Palace. Sitting on one edge of St. Mark's Square, this was once the residence of Venice's ruler, the Doge. This 2-hour private Venice tour includes:

- A personal English-speaking local tour guide
- Custom group size
- Comprehensive tour of general access rooms
- Skip the line Doge's Palace tickets

Palazzo Ducale Exterior

This private tour of the Doge's Palace begins in St. Mark's Plaza. Befre entering and skipping the line, learn about the the Venetian Gothic architecture of the palace's beautiful exterior. The Doge’s Palace or Palazzo Ducale in Italian, was renovated in the 15th century by one of the most famous Doge's, Francesco Foscari. 

Golden Staircase 

Visit the lavish Golden Staircase, that connects the palace with the Doge's Apartments. Named for their rich gold decoration, these stairs lead from the Loggia on the first floor to the offices and reception rooms on the third. However, not all of the palace is beautiful and golden. After all, this is where the strict legal system of the powerful Republic of Venice was carried out. This is why this private Venice tour includes a visit to the dark prison cells, where accused criminals were kept.

A Last Glimpse of Freedom

The fortress-like Doge's Palace not only held the seat of the Venetian Republic, but it also connected to a prison via the famous Bridge of Sighs. Legend has it, a prisoner looked out the small windows in the bridge at beautiful Venice before being taken before a judge. Then, onto to a grim prison cell. And so, this is why the bridge is named "The Bridge of Sighs" - it provided the accused and convicted a last glimpse of freedom before they lost their freedom (possibly for good).