Vatican Under the Stars Evening Tour

Take an Evening Vatican Tour

Want to see the Vatican Museums at night? Here's your chance. This Vatican night tour gives you VIP access to the art of the Vatican Museums after closing time. Avoid the heat and crowds and witness the collections in a new light.


This is a walking tour and involves walking some galleries as well as going up & down stairs.

2 h
max 13
from 9 reviews
1 Terrace Views
2 Pinecone Courtyard
3 Pio-Clementine Collection
4 Gallery of the Candelabra
5 Gallery of Tapestries
6 Gallery of Maps
7 Immaculate Conception
8 Raphael Rooms
9 Borgia Apartments
10 Sistine Chapel
11 Michelangelo's Ceiling
12 Keep Exploring

VIP After Hours Access

English-Speaking Local Guide

Experience Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel


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