Vatican "Under the Stars" Private Evening Tour

An Evening Tour of the Vatican Museums

There's no better way to end your day in Rome than with a leisurely private guided tour through the Vatican Museums at sunset. The heat and stress of the daytime crowds slowly melt away as you only encounter only a tenth of the regular visitors.


There will be plenty of walking and also going up & down the stairs as we cross between galleries on different levels.

2 h
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1 St. Peter's Basilica Views
2 Pinecone Courtyard
3 Pio-Clementine Collection
4 Gallery of the Candelabra
5 Gallery of Tapestries
6 Gallery of Maps
7 Immaculate Conception
8 Raphael Rooms
9 Borgia Apartments
10 Sistine Chapel
11 Michelangelo's Ceiling
12 Keep Exploring

A VIP Experience that Few People Get

Includes a Highly-Educated and English-Speaking Private Guide

Enter after Normal Opening Hours to See the Sistine Chapel in Peace


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