Vatican Neighborhood Evening Food Tour

The Best Places to Eat Near the Vatican

Explore the best places to eat near the Vatican on our Vatican Neighborhood Evening Food Tour. Sample delicious Roman supplì, Italian wine and eat dinner at one of the best authentic trattorias in Rome. Includes gelato (of course!).


We will walk between the restaurants, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes.

3.5 h
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Some of the most popular areas surrounding Vatican City are called Borgo, Prati and Trionfale. Centrally located but just outside of downtown Rome, these areas are full of some of the best places to eat in Rome. Be careful though, don’t get tricked into eating at overpriced tourist trap restaurants after visiting the Vatican Museums, take a Vatican neighborhood food tour instead! With a local foodie guide by your side, visit our favorite local eateries, family-run trattorias, street food vendors and more. This 3.5 hour tour includes:

  • - Six stops for tastings
  • - An English-speaking foodie guide
  • - Sit-down Roman dinner at a family-run trattoria
  • - Plenty of wine
  • - Gelato

Food and the Vatican State 

If you know the history of the popes, you know that many of them loved their grub. In 2015, Pope Francis went on a diet because he said was gaining too much weight. He blamed it on the amount of delicious pasta he'd been eating since moving from Argentina to Italy. Who could blame him? 

Cured Meats, Cheese and Wine 

The first stop on our Vatican Neighborhood Food Tour is a local  “prosciutteria” to sample flatbreads with different toppings called tigelle. Originally created in the north of Italy, in recent years Romans have put their spin on the recipe. The Roman Guy also loves wine, so enjoy some hand-selected vino alongside your tigelle

Rome Best Street Food? Supplì!

If you're a fan of "Italian" food, you've probably heard of arancini. These delicious balls of rice are stuffed and coated in breadcrumbs before being fried. The arancino (or arancini in plural) is typical in Sicily, but in Rome, we have our own version called a supplì. Learn the difference between Sicilian arancini and Roman supplì and how the two destinations battle for the best rice snacks in Italy. 

Time for Wine Tasting

Next stop - vino! Our local wine enthusiasts will introduce you to two special wines and help you open up your palate to distinguish the different wines produced in Italy. Don't forget the names of the ones you like, you can always revisit during your vacation and pick up a bottle (or three!). With a glass of wine in hand, sample Italian breadsticks called taralli.

Time for Pizza

It's impossible to come to Italy and not eat pizza. One thing that Pope Francis says he misses the most is watching football and eating pizza. Try some Roman pizza or "pizza al taglio" and meet the master pizza chefs behind the food. Learn why they not only consider their food the best pizza in the Vatican neighborhood, but also the best pizza in Rome.

Sit Down to a Hearty Roman Dinner

We think this is the best trattoria in Rome. The family who owns and operates this place are local celebrities. Sit down for hearty meal with lots of pasta, seasonal antipasto and even more wine. As you chow down, learn about the history of Roman cuisine and the dishes you eat. Sit back, relax and enjoy a traditional Roman dinner, but remember, make room for the last stop on the tour - gelato.

Best Gelato Near Vatican City

Finish off your food journey in typical Italian fashion with some refreshing gelato. Italians eat gelato all year. At this gelato shope near Vatican City, you won’t find additives, false colors or powdered flavorings as everything is made with 100% fresh produce. Try a seasonal flavor like ginger or basil during summer or chestnut in winter.
And before you wrap up your food tour of the Vatican neighborhood, ask your local foodie guide as many questions as you like. After all, we're Rome experts and passionate about sharing our knowledge with you. 

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