VIP Vatican Museums After-Hours Private Tour with Sistine Chapel

Exclusive After-Hours Vatican Tour

Allow us to take you through the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel after hours, creating the perfect exclusive, behind-the-scenes experience. This private tour must be booked six months to a year in advance in order to secure your reservation.


We will be strolling leisurely through the galleries of the collection before the doors of the Sistine Chapel are opened to us.

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1 VIP Entrance
2 Pinecone Courtyard
3 Belvedere Torso
4 Octagonal Courtyard
5 Laocoön and His Sons
6 Round Hall
7 Greek Cross Room
8 Gallery of Candelabras
9 Gallery of the Tapestries
10 Gallery of the Maps
11 Raphael Rooms
12 School of Athens
13 Sistine Chapel
14 The Last Judgement
15 Bramante Staircase


Sistine Chapel
Primary Galleries
Raphael Rooms
Borgia Apartments
Pio Clementino
Evening Access

Are you looking for cool things to do in Rome at night? On this exclusive private Vatican night tour, visit the best highlights of the museums after the crowds disperse and the heat fades. Led by a personal Vatican guide, enjoy the Vatican collections and Sistine Chapel all to yourself after the museums close to the public. Don’t miss out on this rare and exclusive private Vatican tour. When we say skip the crowds, we mean it! Join us as a Vatican VIP and enjoy the museums all to yourself after the museums close. Don’t miss the opportunity to do something spectacular on your trip to Rome. This two-hour private private Vatican tour includes:

  • After-hours access to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
  • - Private luxury transfer to the tour’s meeting point and back to your hotel (or to a dinner spot of your choice) after the tour
  • - A private English-speaking guide with expertise in art history
  • - No crowds!

Private Luxury Round-Trip Transportation

To make this private Vatican night tour even better, we arrange private transportation to and from the meeting point in a luxury climate-controlled vehicle. When you’re finished marveling at the priceless artwork inside, we drop you off at your hotel or at a nice restaurant. After you book, on of our Travel Experts will reach out to you to arrange all the details.

The Pinecone Courtyard

Named for the giant pinecone that adorns this large and beautiful outdoor space, the Pinecone Courtyard was designed by Donato Bramante. Catch an amazing view of St. Peter’s Dome and take note of the giant fractured sphere sculpture by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. One interpretation of the sculpture is that the spheres represent the complexity of our world and how easily it is torn apart. Originally part of the Cortile del Belvedere, the Pinecone Courtyard once connected the palace of Pope Innocent VIII with the Sistine Chapel.

Octagonal Courtyard and Nero’s Bathtub

The Vatican’s Pio-Clementino Museum showcases ancient Greek and Roman statues. In the octagonal Belvedere Courtyard, the Apollo Belvedere, Laocoön and His Sons and the Belvedere Torso statues take center stage. After learning about the stories and mythology behind these famed works of art, visit the biggest and oldest bathtub you’ll ever see. Made of a rare type of red marble, Nero’s Bathtub measures an incredible 25 ft in diameter.

The Vatican’s Best Collections

This VIP Vatican Museums after-hours Private Tour includes the main highlights of the Vatican Museums including the Gallery of the Candelabra, Gallery of the Tapestries and the Gallery of the Maps. One of our favorite collections, the Gallery of the Maps, features topographical maps of Italy painted by Dominican Italian friar Ignazio Danti. Providing insights into the way Renaissance Italians saw themselves and their surroundings, the maps predate a unified Italy by nearly 300 years.

Raphael Rooms at the Vatican

Raphael was one of Rome’s most famous Renaissance artists. In constant competition with Michelangelo, he designed and frescoed many rooms associated with the Vatican Museums. Among other masterpieces, visit one of Raphael’s most famous works of art, The School of Athens. A depiction of philosophy, the painting represents all the greatest mathematicians, philosophers and scientists sharing ideas with one another. In an early version of a selfie, Raphael included himself into the painting! Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle, engaged in dialogue, take center stage in the masterpiece.

Pope Alexander VI and the Borgia Apartments

A suite of rooms in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, the Borgia Apartments were adapted for personal use by Pope Alexander VI (Rodrígo de Borgia, 1492-1503). Frescoed by Bernardino di Betto, known as il Pinturicchio, it was closed off by Julius II who refused to live in rooms sullied by his hated predecessor. Until the rooms’ reopening at the end of the 19th century, the incredible frescoes were hidden behind black crepe.

The Sistine Chapel After-Hours

If you’ve ever visited the Sistine Chapel during normal opening hours, you know how crowded it gets. Going on this exclusive Vatican night tour is the perfect solution.This private after-hours tour concludes in the Sistine Chapel - the ultimate place every Vatican visitor wants to see. If you’ve ever visited the chapel during the day, you know how crowded it gets. On this spectacular experience, enjoy Michelangelo’s frescoes all to yourself. Only when you enter the Sistine Chapel is it clear how high the ceiling is and how many frescos there are. At this point, it is impossible not to appreciate how difficult is must have been for Michelangelo to lay on his back and toil at the masterpiece, year after year

Please Note: Since the Sistine Chapel is a sacred place, both men and women must cover their knees and shoulders. Otherwise, you may be refused entry to a portion of your Vatican tour. We understand the summers in Rome are hot - a great alternative is to bring a shawl/scarf/sweater with you. That way, you can cover your knees and shoulders when necessary.

This is the ultimate way to experience the world’s best museum. Surrounded by the most jaw-dropping art in the world, skip the crowds and witness the splendor of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel without disruption. If you want to experience something unforgettable on your Italian vacation, do this.