VIP Vatican Museums After Hours Private Tour with Sistine Chapel

Exclusive After-Hours Vatican Tour

Enjoy the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in peace and quiet as they were meant to be experienced. Our private after hours tour tour lets you appreciate centuries of history on an exclusive behind the scenes experience.


We will be strolling leisurely through the galleries of the collection before the doors of the Sistine Chapel are opened to us.

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1 VIP Entrance
2 Pinecone Courtyard
3 Pio-Clementine Collection
4 Octagonal Courtyard
5 "Laocoon & Sons"
6 Round Hall
7 Greek Cross Room
8 Gallery of Candelabras
9 The Tapestry Hall
10 Gallery of Maps
11 Raphael Rooms
12 School of Athens
13 Sistine Chapel
14 Michelangelo's Ceiling
15 "The Last Judgement"
16 Biblioteca
17 Momo's "Bramante" Staircase

Better than just skipping the lines, we enter after normal opening hours to avoid the crowds. You will get to experience the Museums and Sistine Chapel without any other visitors.

This VIP tour will allow you to experience things that very few people will ever have the chance to experience. The Sistine Chapel all for yourself!

Join our highly educated and passionate team of guides, consisting of art historians, phd archeologists, and architects that truly love what they do.


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