Private Rome City Driving Tour

See Rome on a VIP Private Driving Tour

Stay comfortable as you go sightseeing in Rome, rain or shine! A true VIP experience, this private driving tour of Rome includes most of the main attractions in the Eternal City, plus plenty of hidden gems.


You will be riding around the sites, and walking out occasionally for a closer look of the monuments.

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1 Basilica of Santa Maria sopra Minerva
2 Pantheon
3 Gelateria Break
4 Piazza Navona
5 Campo de' Fiori
6 Piazza Venezia
7 The "Greek Ghetto"
8 Aventine Hill
9 View from the Orange Garden
10 Circus Maximus
11 Campidoglio
12 Trevi Fountain
13 Spanish Steps


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Do you want to see the best of Rome without getting too hot and tired? Walking around in the heat can slow you and your family down quickly. Stay comfortable as you go sightseeing in Rome, rain or shine! If it's warm outside, it's cool in the car and vice versa. Plus, cover more ground than you would on a walking tour of Rome. A true VIP experience with a maximum of seven visitors per car, this private driving tour of Rome includes most of the main attractions in the Eternal City, plus plenty of hidden gems. This 3-hour tour includes:
  • - Your own personal English-speaking tour guide
  • - Stops at the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Aventine Hill and more.
  • - Visits to some of Rome’s best hidden gems.
  • - Door-to-door transport in an air-conditioned luxury vehicle (if your hotel is located in the city center)

Important! Because some sites on this small group tour are religious, knees and shoulders must be covered for both men and women. We know that Rome is hot in summer - a great alternative is to bring a shawl/scarf/sweater with you. That way, you can cover your knees and shoulders when necessary.

Pick Up from Your Hotel

Don’t worry about figuring out transportation, your driver will pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation in the center of Rome. If your accommodation is located outside the center of the city, another meeting point in the center will be organized for your convenience. After you book, we'll reach out to you and organize the specifics, but feel free to contact us first. Not sure where whether your hotel in Rome is central? Contact our Travel Experts by email or online chat to be sure.

The Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

During this section of the tour, avoid the traffic as you walk along Rome's picturesque streets. While driving is the best way to see as much as possible in your limited time in Rome, all the main attractions in Rome are located close to one another in the historic center of the city. The first stop on this private driving tour is the Santa Maria sopra Minerva church. Rome's only Gothic church bursts with art and is built on the site of a temple to Minerva, built by Pompey the Great around 50 B.C. 

The Pantheon - A Testament to the Roman Empire

The best-preserved building from ancient Rome, the Pantheon and was completed in 125 C.E. in the reign of Emperor Hadrian. In particular, its dome reveals the genius of the architects who lived and worked so long ago. A rare opportunity to step back in time 2,000 years, seeing the Pantheon is not to be overlooked on a trip to Rome.

Piazza Navona and Gelato

On the way to Piazza Navona, stop for a cool, refreshing gelato at one of our favorite gelato shops in Rome. Many gelateries use artificial flavors – these fake additives weaken its bold and tasty flavor. No worries though, we know all the best places in Rome to get gelato. Remember to bring a few coins for gelato, the cost of gelato is not included in the cost of the tour. Plus, you’ll want to have some coins to throw in the Trevi Fountain. 
Then, visit the Baroque-style Piazza Navona, one of the most charming squares in Rome. Built on the site where the Stadium of Domitian once stood, Piazza Navona is also where Julia Roberts sat on a bench in front of the Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone and ate her gelato in "Eat, Pray, Love".

Private Rome Driving Tour

For the next portion of your tour of Rome, enjoy the sights from a comfortable, air-conditioned car. Drive by Piazza Venezia, and the ruins of Largo Argentina. It’s here that Emperor Julius Caesar met his end, and a trio of ancient temples protrudes from the grass. Fun fact: this is also where the largest colony of stray cats live. It’s said that the cats play host for ancient Roman spirits. Plus, pass through the Greek Ghetto on the way to the Aventine Hill.

Aventine Hill - The Best Views of Rome

Exit the car for a visit to Aventine Hill, a place that boasts one of the most outstanding views of the Eternal City. The southernmost of Rome’s seven hills, the Aventine Hill is home to the the oldest Roman Basilica in Rome, the Basilica of Santa Sabina. The Aventine Hill is also the location of the Orange Garden. Go inside both these sites, and learn about the history of them from your personal guide.

Walk Up Capitoline Hill

On the way to Capitoline Hill, get a glimpse of Circus Maximus from the car. Then, follow your guide to Capitoline Hill by foot. If you’re looking for that postcard view looking down into ancient Rome - this is it. At the best view point on the hill, admire the Roman Forum from an amazing vantage point. Then, head back down the hill to visit the Trevi Fountain. 
The Trevi Fountain is so instantly recognizable as an iconic symbol of Rome, it’s been the ideal backdrop for films for decades. Even if you’re not a Fellini fan, you’ve at least seen clips of Anita Ekberg’s famous Trevi Fountain bathing scene from “La Dolce Vita”. Remember to throw some coins in the water and make a wish - superstition dictates that if you toss three coins into the water, you’ll return to Rome and marry the person of your dreams. What’s to lose? 

Rome’s Iconic Spanish Steps

Continue on to the most famous stairs in the world - Rome’s Spanish Steps. This is where one of the iconic scenes in “Roman Holiday” takes place, in which Audrey Hepburn enjoys one of the best things in Rome - gelato. Our tour will end atop the Spanish Steps. This is the last stop on the tour, so on the way back to your hotel in our comfortable vehicle, make sure you ask your guide about where to eat in Rome. In addition to being experts in art history and Roman culture, our guides are truly local and know the Eternal City like the backs of their hands.