Ostia Antica Private Rome Tour

Visit the ruins of Ostia Antica

Like Pompeii to the south, Ostia Antica is one of the best preserved ancient Roman city. With an expert private guide to lead the way guide, our Ostia Antica tour provides a popular in-depth way to visit the site's ancient history.


This is a walking tour, and we will at sometimes be on rugged terrain and may walk up and down a few stairs.

2.5 h
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1 Getting there
2 Your Expert Guide
3 "Pompeii of Rome”
4 Porta Romana
5 Decumanus Maximus
6 Baths of Neptune
7 Theater of Agrippa
8 The stands
9 Bakery
10 The Forum
11 Temple of Rome and Augustus
12 Public toilets
13 House of the Paintings
14 Via delle Tombe
15 Water system
16 Getting back

Forget the Crowds on this Adventure

Includes a Private English-Speaking Guide

Stay and Explore on Your Own After the Tour Ends

One of the Best-Preserved Archaeological Sites in the World


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