Ostia Antica Private Rome Tour

Visit the ruins of Ostia Antica

Like Pompeii to the south, Ostia Antica is one of the best preserved ancient Roman city. With an expert private guide to lead the way guide, our Ostia Antica tour provides a popular in-depth way to visit the site's ancient history.


This is a walking tour, and we will at sometimes be on rugged terrain and may walk up and down a few stairs.

2.5 h
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1 Getting there
2 Your Expert Guide
3 "Pompeii of Rome”
4 Porta Romana
5 Decumanus Maximus
6 Baths of Neptune
7 Theater of Agrippa
8 The stands
9 Bakery
10 The Forum
11 Temple of Rome and Augustus
12 Public toilets
13 House of the Paintings
14 Via delle Tombe
15 Water system
16 Getting back

Do you want to spend a day exploring Ancient Rome beyond the city’s borders?  Perhaps you have already been to Pompeii and looking for new things to do outside of Rome?  If so, this is one of the best Rome tours for you, taking you just out of the city to a very special place where you can spend the day discovering more of Ancient Rome!

You can tell that we love Rome just by our name, but The Roman Guy also loves exploring the areas surrounding the Eternal City.  That's why we jumped at the chance to show you Ostia Antica - the place they like to call the "Pompeii of Rome”.

Why take this tour?

This tour is ideal for those of you trying to find a perfect opportunity to explore a little (and very ancient) area outside of the capital.  Only 15 miles away from Rome, but a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the big busy city lies this quiet oasis and what can best be described as an archaeologist’s dream!

Doing a Private Tour of Rome like this one, you get your very own personal expert guide!  Your private English-speaking tour guide will take you on a journey, bringing the ancient Ostia Antica to life for you.  Having your very own expert guide will give you the chance to ask as many questions as you like so that you can get the most out of the parts of Ostia Antica that you find most interesting.  Get ready for a wonderful ancient journey!

Discovering Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica is considered one of the best preserved ancient sites in the world.

Founded at the mouth of the Tiber river, Ostia was Rome’s main harbor for centuries, providing trade and also protecting the city from invasions from the sea.  Unsurprisingly, the town became an extremely important center in the Imperial era and had reached a population of around 100,000 inhabitants by the 3rd Century AD

What's left of the city? A lot actually! 

You’ll start by entering the Ancient city’s main gate “Porta Romana”, as your guide leads you past it and into the heart of the ancient city.  From there you’ll explore many parts of this well-preserved site!  The Ostia Antica Private Rome Tour you’ll get to explore the highlights and hidden gems of this Ancient City.  Be prepared for a day of discovery!


You will walk its ancient roads, sit in the piazzas and forums, visit an old bakery and peek into what were once the public bathrooms of this once flourishing city!  It will not be hard for you to relive the ancient days and really imagine the lifestyle of the Ostia people with our expert English-speaking guide.

Whether you choose to arrive at Ostia by public transport or arrange a private transfer through The Roman Guy, your expert guide will accompany you on this guided tour to the archaeological site.  Your private expert guide will introduce you to its history, taking you on a journey through the streets of this harbor city.  Evident upon arrival, Ostia has been so carefully preserved that your imagination will really have the chance to run wild when your guide dives right into all the historical facts and stories concerning the area.

In preparation for our Ostia Antica tour, a friendly piece of advice would be to pack your camera and make sure it is fully charged.  This is one of the best guided tours in Rome for good reason, and you find yourself snapping away throughout the experience to make sure your friends back home actually believe that much of this ancient city is still standing!

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