Rome in a Half Day with Electric Bikes

The Best Rome E-Bike Tour

At The Roman Guy, we believe in maximizing your limited time while you vacation in Italy. That's why we offer an eco-friendly electric bike tour that showcases the best things to see in Rome. Plus, you won't overheat in the hot sun.


We will be cycling most of the time but there is minimal effort in pedaling thanks to the electric bikes.

4 h
max 10
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1 Via Dei Fori Imperiali
2 Colosseum View
3 Circus Maximus
4 Aventine Hill Rose Garden
5 Capitoline Hill
6 Trevi Fountain
7 The Spanish Steps
8 Pantheon
9 Piazza Navona
10 Piazza Farnese
11 Trastevere
12 Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere
13 Tiber Island & Jewish Ghetto
14 Teatro Marcello


City Tours
E-bike City Tour
Take an eco-friendly electric bike tour that showcases the best things to see in Rome. Especially in summer, spending four hours taking a walking Rome day tour can get sweaty. However, on an e-bike tour, not only do you exert less energy, but you get to feel the wind blowing through your hair. Enjoy the freedom to explore the Eternal City on an e-bike that effortlessly climbs hills - you barely even need to pedal! This four hour tour includes:
- See ancient Rome ruins including the Colosseum, Circus Maximus and Pantheon (from outside)
- Travel through the intriguing hidden passageways of Rome's city center
- E-bikes allow you to see most of the city in a stress-free and effortless way
- A local, English-speaking guide
E-bikes do not come in youth or child sizes as they are motorized. Anyone riding the bikes must be 5' 2" (160cm) minimum. 

Enjoy Panoramic Views of Rome

After departing from the city center, glide up the Aventine Hill to witness one of the most scenic views of Rome. While on the hill, there are opportunities for taking photos at three points of interest: the Rose Garden, Orange Garden and Rome’s Aventine keyhole. Then, roll back down the hill and stop at the largest and first ancient stadium ever built, Circus Maximus. 

Climb Rome’s Capitoline Hill

With a short cycle past the Greek Ghetto, follow your guide to the Capitoline Hill. If you’re searching for for that postcard view looking down into ancient Rome - this is it. At the best vantage point on the hill, hop off your e-bike and admire the Roman Forum from above. Rome was built on seven hills, but you don’t have to conquer all of them! We choose a few of our favorite hills on this tour, and your electric bike supplies you with the push you need to get over them. Biking in Rome has never been so easy.

A View of Rome’s Colosseum

Next up on the e-bike Rome tour is the Colosseum, the famous amphitheater where gladiators and wild animals once spilled blood in front of 60,000 screaming spectators. Stop off at a small park with a view onto the side of the Colosseum for a quick break and lots of photos. With a history that dates back over 2,000 years, this incredible structure reveals the sophistication of the Roman Empire. If you want to go inside the Colosseum and visit the Underground and Arena Floor, we also offer bestselling Rome tours that include access.

Trajan’s Column, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps

As you glide towards Piazza Venezia, a massive piece of stone called Trajan’s Column comes into view. When he was an Emperor, Trajan decided to build this huge column as a tribute to his victory over the ancient Dacians. Moving swiftly through some more classic Roman back roads, we stumble upon the most famous fountain in the world, the Trevi Fountain. 
Legend has it, If you throw a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder, you'll return to Rome. After the Trevi Fountain, we continue on to the most famous staircase in the world - Rome’s Spanish Steps. Pulling up to the steps, you’ll remember  the iconic scene in “Roman Holiday” where Audrey Hepburn enjoys one of the best things in Rome - gelato.

Tour Rome’s Architectural Marvel - The Pantheon

At the Pantheon, it’s time to hop off your e-bike and explore. Completed around A.D. 125 under Emperor Hadrian, the Pantheon is an extraordinary feat of architecture for the time period. Then, cruise over to Piazza Navona finishing off on this side of the river with Campo de’ Fiori and Piazza Farnese. These two historic squares are known for their lively and bloody histories. 

Cruise Through Trastevere

We cross the river at Ponte Sisto, named after the 15th century pope who built the Sistine Chapel (notice the resemblance) and cross into Trastevere. Home to hundreds of bars and restaurants, the Trastevere district is also home to some of Rome’s most beautiful streets. Trastevere is a feast for the eyes, and also one of the best neighborhoods in Rome to hang out in. Remember to ask your friendly local guide where the best places to eat and drink in Trastevere are so you can enjoy them later or try our Local Food tour! 

Cross Tiber Island into Jewish Quarter

After your jaunt through Trastevere, cross the river again over Rome’s famous Tiber Island. Tiber Island is one of the oldest parts of Rome and is also home to the oldest bridge in the Eternal City. On the other side, take a journey through the narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter. To this day, the Jewish Ghetto still holds ties to the Jewish community in Rome. The final sightseeing attraction on the tour is Teatro di Marcello (the Theatre of Marcellus). This 2,000 year-old building may look like the Colosseum, but it’s actually 100 years older.
At this point it time for goodbyes. Your guide is happy to offer helpful advice on how to get back to your hotel and also how to return to the sites visited on this tour. All our guides are happy to provide you advice about what to do during the rest of your time in Rome.