Colosseum Underground plus Belvedere Top Levels Tour

The Complete Colosseum Experience, Top to Bottom

This is our most exclusive tour of the Colosseum! This bestselling tour includes all restricted areas of the monument including Underground and Arena Floor Tour, as well as the Top Levels of the stands.


You will be on your feet for the majority of this tour. We navigate an archeological site so expect uneven terrain and steep stairs.

4 h
max 24
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1 Roman Forum
2 Arch of Titus
3 Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
4 The Colosseum Exterior
5 Colosseum Underground Dungeon
6 Colosseum Arena Floor
7 Deadly Trap Door & Lift
8 Colosseum 3rd Tier
9 Colosseum 4th Tier
10 Colosseum 5th Tier
11 The Nosebleed Section


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