Colosseum Arena Floor Tour with Ancient Villa Explorations and Roman Forum Access

Experience Rome in Virtual Reality

This guided Colosseum tour not only includes skip the line tickets access to the Arena Floor, it includes a virtual reality tour of Rome's "Domus Aurea" - an ancient villa built by Emperor Nero. Plus! Visit the sprawling ruins of the Roman Forum.


This tour will include some light hiking up the hill and walking on uneven terrain.

3.5 h
max 23
from 18 reviews
1 Domus Aurea
2 Inside the Domus Aurea
3 Virtual Reality in Rome
4 Ludus Magnus
5 Special Entrance Skip the Line
6 Porta Libitina
7 Arena Floor
8 Colosseum Trap Door
9 2nd level
10 Roman Forum Skip the Line
11 Arrivederci!

Why Take this Tour?

Nobody wants to wait in never-ending ticket lines on vacation. We have VIP access so you don't have to wait in line for admissions.

Virtual Reality experience inside the Palace of Nero (just recently reopened).

Go behind the scenes at the Colosseum & walk on the Arena Floor where the gladiators fought!