Brunello di Montalcino Wine Day from Montalcino

A Wine Tour in Tuscany

Discover Tuscany's most sought-after wines on this private tour to Brunello di Montalcino. On this food and wine tour, you'll understand why this is Tuscany's top wine region. Private guide and luxury transportation from 40km of Montalcino.


Very relaxing day with very little walking. Enjoy the good life with luxury climate control vehicles taking you from vineyard to vineyard.

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1 Luxury Climate Controlled Transportation
2 In Vino Veritas
3 Wake Up and Smell the Vino!
4 Tuscan Hills
5 Lunch with a Vista
6 Montalcino City Center
7 Abbey of Sant'Antimo
8 Bella Vista!
9 More Wine!
10 Door to Door Service

Take a Unforgettable Wine Tasting Tour in Tuscany

We believe every trip to Italy should be an experience to be remembered - our Brunello di Montalcino Wine Tasting Day is no exception. The rolling hills of Tuscany, a driver at your disposal all day, the opportunity to get to know famous wine producers and numerous tastings of some of the world's most prized Italian wines, is there anything else you could possibly wish for during a wine tasting tour in Italy?

Your Brunello wine tasting tour begins when your driver picks you up from your accommodation in a luxury climate-controlled vehicle. After a short scenic drive through the Tuscan hills, you'll arrive at the first of two vineyards. In order to give you a complete Tuscan wine tasting experience, The Roman Guy has organized two full wine tastings at two of Montalcino's best vineyards, as well as a delicious Italian lunch and the time to explore some of Montalcino's beautiful sites.

Wine from Brunello di Montalcino, Italy 

Your first tasting will be at a vineyard that was married into the family who actually invented Brunello di Montalcino. Here you'll experience one of the many highlights of our Brunello wine tasting day, introducing you to the local wine producers who will explain how Brunello wine is differentiated from other Sangiovese based wines and why it is considered to be one of the best wines in the world. Your visit will give you a complete wine tasting experience, with a tasting of 3 different vintages and a detailed vineyard tour.

Your second stop will be at a restaurant situated just outside the hill-top town of Montalcino. This restaurant boasts beautiful panoramic views over the nearby Tuscan landscape and is one of The Roman Guy's favorite restaurants in Italy for tasting authentic Tuscan dishes. Just glancing at the menu will help you understand how Italian cuisine varies from region to region.** After lunch, you'll have some time to explore Montalcino's side-streets, as well as the castle known as "La Fortezza" or the Fortress

Visit Benedictine monastery Abbey of Sant'Antimo

Your driver will then collect you and take you to your second wine tasting, stopping off at the beautiful 12th century Abbey of Sant'Antimo on the way. Your final stop will be at what is considered Montalcino's most fertile plot of land and the best vineyard in the area. As you taste the wine, you will learn how the landscape and other geographical factors make the grapes on this land produce the best wine. A true treat, as this vineyard is perched atop a beautiful hill that over-looks Tuscany's most amazing countryside. Having learned about and tasted wines from two different vineyards, your driver will be waiting to deliver you back to the reception of your hotel. After all that delicious food and wine, a short nap may be on the cards.