Rome's Borghese Gallery Storytellers Tour

Borghese Gallery Tickets and Tour

The Borghese Gallery, housed in the Villa Borghese, features artwork by renowned artists including Tiziano, Raphael, Caravaggio, Rubens & Botticelli. We reserve your skip the line Borghese Gallery tickets. They usually sell out daily!


This tour is an easy stroll around the galleries, and even if the Borghese Gallery has 2 levels, there will be an elevator.

2 h
max 15
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1 The Borghese Gallery
2 Secrets & Life Stories
3 "Playboy" Raphael
4 Renaissance Masters
5 Bernini
6 The Rape of Proserpina
7 Apollo and Daphne
8 Caravaggio
9 David with the Head of Goliath
10 Canova's "Paolina Bonaparte"
11 Borghese Gardens

Richest and Most Interesting Villa

Housed in Rome’s beautiful Villa Borghese, Rome’s premier green space, the Borghese Gallery houses one of the most valuable concentrations of artwork in Rome. The enchanting private collection includes major work by Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian and Bernini. It also contains priceless ancient Roman art. Galleria Borghese reservations book up fast - tickets sell out fast. But don’t worry! Both skip the line Borghese Gallery tickets (and reservations) are included in the price of this Borghese Gallery tour. Simply meet our tour guide at the entrance of the museum and begin a special journey through art history.


Cardinal Scipione Borghese's Villa

Cardinal and art collector, Scipione Borghese, once lived in this beautiful villa. Not only was he an influential man through his work, but he was also the patron of world-renowned artist Caravaggio and Bernini. As you tour the Villa, learn about the lavish parties the art collector once hosted here, how Cardinal Borghese amassed his priceless collections and the scandalous relationships he led up until his death.

The Wild Ways of Caravaggio

Italian artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio is best known for his wild and criminal ways and his ability to project emotion into his paintings. Included on this Borghese tour is a room dedicated almost entirely to Caravaggio’s masterpieces. Learn about his art style "chiaroscuro" and the dark life he led. For example, did you know that one of his paintings foreshadowed his death?

Bernini at the Borghese Gallery

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, lived in the same era as Caravaggio, born in the late 16th century. Like Caravaggio, his close relationship with Cardinal Borghese is the reason why some of his best works of art are housed in the museum today. In fact, Bernini's sculptures are the focal points of the Borghese Gallery. Learn about each of the four iconic sculptures as you admire the artist’s attention to detail. Using a hammer, chisels and a slab of marble, Bernini created the appearance of sweat and transparent cloth on solid stone statues. Included in the Borghese’s collections are renown sculptures Pluto & Persephone, David, Apollo & Daphne. Unlike paintings, these sculptures feature 360 degrees of art.

Titian - The Sacred and Profane Love

Tiziano Vecellio, also known as Titian or “Da Cadore”, was the most successful member of the 16th century Venetian art school. He was a painter, and a good one at that. A rare talent for his time, the flexibility in his skill surprised many. Titian mastered the the ability of painting portraits, landscapes and mythological pieces. Visit Titian’s mysterious masterpiece: The Sacred and Profane Love. Art Historians still disagree about what the painting means. Decide for yourself when you visit the painting in person.

Bellini, Leonardo da Vinci & More!

It's not often you get the chance to see a Leonardo da Vinci painting in person. Inside the Borghese Gallery, not only are there masterpieces by Caravaggio, Bernini, Leonardo and Raphael. The museum is home to Renaissance playboy Raphael's Deposition of Christ, Canova's Paolinia Bonaparte, Leda and the Swan by Leonardo Da Vinci and much more.

Stroll Through the Borghese Gardens

After you savor the awe-inspiring collections on this Borghese Gallery tour, take the stroll through Rome's version of Central Park. Although the walk is not guided, the Borghese Gardens feature diverse flora, fountains, artificial lakes and more. And remember, before you say Arrivederci, make sure to ask your expert local guide for suggestions about where to eat and what to do in Rome. After all, at The Roman Guy, we love what we do and want you make the most of each day in the beautiful Eternal City.

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