Pompeii & Sorrento: Day Trip from Rome

Explore Pompeii and Sorrento

The private Pompeii & Sorrento Day Trip covers the most stunning historical sites in the world in the most beautiful parts of Italy. Walk through the ruins of an ancient city and climb a volcano. Then, explore the charming coastal gem Sorrento.


We will be walking a lot around archaeological sites and ruins, and around the city of Sorrento.

11 h
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1 Front Door Service
2 Pompeii
3 A City Frozen in Time
4 Amazing Preservation
5 Incredible Remains
6 Pompeii to Sorrento
7 Lunch*
8 Sorrento Downtown
9 Back to Rome

Includes luxury climate-controlled transportation

Stop along the way to visit one of the world's most famous archaeological sites.

See the stunning views as you travel down the Amalfi Coast


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