Private Family-Friendly Rome Colosseum & Roman Forum Tour

Take an Ancient Roman Treasure Hunt

On our private family-friendly Colosseum & Roman Forum Tour, your kids will lead the way on an ancient Roman Treasure Hunt for Roman symbols and landmarks. Meanwhile, learn about stories of gladiators and Emperors in ancient Rome.


Archaeological sites are normally paved with rocky terrain and there will be some light walking up the hill.

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1 Private Colosseum Kids Tour
2 Child Friendly Guide
3 Treasure Hunt!
4 Gladiators, Emperors & Spectators
5 Secrets of the Arena!
6 Roman Forum
7 Arch of Titus
8 Ancient Roman Games
9 Rome's Eternal Flame
10 Julius Caesar's Temple
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Arena Floor
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Roman Forum

A Tour for the Whole Family! We understand it can be a challenge to keep the kids entertained when sightseeing on vacation. This is why we created our immersive child-focused tours in Italy. During this Family-Friendly Colosseum & Roman Forum Tour, your kids will be not only learn about ancient Rome, but they will have fun doing it! Their imaginations can run wild during an Ancient Roman Treasure Hunt with the help of a private child-friendly English speaking guide.

A great experience for the whole family, you'll have a guide all to yourselves, meaning your kids will get a lot of attention. GuideTickets, Maps & Admissions are included. This tour is suited for families with children aged 5 to 10 years old. This 3-hour tour includes:

  • - An Ancient Roman Treasure Hunt
  • Small group size
  • - Detailed storytelling and activities
  • - A professional English-speaking guide
  • - Tickets and maps

Ancient Roman Treasure Hunt

Your children will lead the group around the Colosseum & Roman Forum on a quest to find particular Roman symbols and landmarks. On the way, your child-friendly guide will present clues and activities for the children to do, whilst telling stories of GladiatorsEmperors and life in ancient Rome.

Tales of Heroic Gladiators & Emperors

As you reach out and touch the walls of the Colosseum, you'll get to learn about the life, love, death and victory that these walls have witnessed over the centuries. During this part of the treasure hunt, your guide will make sure each child feels as popular as the gladiators who fought in the arena, and as important as the emperors and empresses who decided their fate! There are plenty of hidden symbols to find inside, spread over the two floors of the arena!

Bringing Ancient Rome Back to Life

After your children have conquered the Colosseum, your guide will set the scene of ancient Rome as the children lead the way over to the Roman Forum. Now, it's time to walk the streets that Julius Caesar and Augustus once tread upon!

Navigating the Streets of Ancient Rome

After hearing the tales and secrets that lie within the walls of the Colosseum, your children's imaginations will transport them back in time inside the Roman Forum. You will all learn about who lived inside the forum and what the different buildings and monuments are. You'll also visit a sacred garden and discover how Roman's used to spend their free time in the city, all while your children are pointing out the remaining treasures on the map. The storytelling and treasure hunt will come to an end inside the Roman Forum. 

Win a Prize!

This tour is very interactive and encourages children not only to learn but to have fun while learning. Instead of just listening to a guide, the kids are looking, searching, and answering questions, while the parents can enjoy the archeological sites and the stories from the guide. At the end of the tour, each child will receive a little prize to reward them for completing the treasure hunt and to remind them of their Ancient Roman adventure!

Don't forget your camera! There will be plenty of opportunities for you to stop and take photos throughout! Remember to ask your guide to take some photos of your family together so you have a keep sake of the time your family conquered the Colosseum.