Masters of Baroque Private Tour: Day with Bernini & Caravaggio

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This is a walking tour and we will be covering a lot of ground, so make sure you bring your walking shoes.

4 h
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1 Borghese Gallery
2 Renaissance Masters
3 Zeus & Amalthea
4 The Rape of Proserpina
5 Apollo And Daphne
6 Boy with the Fruit Basket
7 David with the head of Goliath
8 Borghese Gardens
9 Piazza di Siena
10 Pincio Terrace
11 Piazza del Popolo
12 Twin Churches
13 Santa Maria del Popolo
14 Basilica of Sant'Agostino
15 Coffee Break
16 San Luigi dei Francesi
17 Piazza Navona

Why Take this Tour?

Learn about the life and work of amazing artists and innovators such as Caravaggio and Bernini.

Join our highly educated and passionate team of guides, consisting of art historians, phd archeologists, and architects that truly love what they do.

Forget the crowds. This experience extracts you from the teaming masses, keeping it authentic and local so that hoards of tourists don't ruin your day.

We will explore many churches where you will witness some of the most famous and inspiring works by the worlds most renowned artists.