Milan Private Walking Tour

Join us on a private walking tour of Milan

Our Private Walking Tour of Milan will show you the top attractions in the city including the iconic Duomo, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and the renown La Scala Theater. Plus, taste campari and learn why Milan is the capital of the Aperitivo.


This is a walking tour and we will be covering a lot of ground by foot.

3 h
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1 Duomo
2 Gothic Masterpiece
3 Rooftop Views
4 Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery
5 Fashion in Milan
6 Aperitivo Time!
7 La Scala Theater
8 Brera District
9 Sforza Castle
10 Sforza Gardens

Why Take this Tour?

Join our highly educated and passionate team of guides, consisting of art historians, phd archeologists, and architects that truly love what they do.

A great introduction to Milan's most impressive historical & architectural sites.

This is a VIP private tour and will allow you to see Milan through the eyes of an expert and a local at your own pace.

Nobody wants to wait in never ending ticket lines on their vacation. We have VIP access so you don't have to wait in line for admissions.