Delicious Florence Food Tour with Local Wine & Florentine Steak

Enjoy authentic eateries and try Florentine Steak, the city's signature dish

Why scramble around trying to find a place to eat when you can try some of Florence's best cuisine with a local Florentine? Cross over the Ponte Vecchio and try out some of Florence's best local spots.


This is a light walking tour with frequent stops.

3 h
max 14
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1 Piazza della Signoria
2 Traditional Tuscan Food
3 Lampredotto Taste
4 Cross Ponte Vecchio
5 Italian Enoteca
6 Wine & Truffles!
7 Italian Bakery
8 Prato's Biscuit
9 Renaissance Building
10 Spaghetti alla Carrettiera
11 Florentine Steak* Tasting
12 Italian Gelato


Evening Access
Food & Wine

On this Florence evening food tour, taste your way through the city of Florence as you learn all about the cuisine of the region. Meet local bakers, chefs and food enthusiasts along the way as your local foodie guide leads you on a delectable stroll through one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Make sure you arrive hungry, there's a lot to eat! Packed with traditional Tuscan foods and wine, experience a delicious taste of authentic Florence. This three hour food tour includes:

  • - Five tasting stops and plenty of Tuscan vino
  • - A sit-down traditonal dinner with Florentine steak
  • - A friendly and local English-speaking foodie guide
  • - A maximum group size of 14 people


Piazza Della Signoria

Your food tour in Florence starts in Piazza della Signoria, Florence's outdoor art gallery. Meet you food-loving guide and get a brief introduction to this important piazza. The Piazza della Signoria has been the center of political life in Florence since the 14th century. Michelangelo's David statue sits in the piazza and the prominent Palazzo Vecchio overlooks the square. 

Traditional Florentine Food and Wine

Many of Italy's delicacies originate from the food eaten by "plebs" back in the day. Developed as a way to maximize food waste and use every part of an animal, this working-class style of cooking is responsible for the popularity of the lampredotto, or tripe, sandwich. Although the popular street food sandwich started out as the only thing poor people could afford, the tradition is still alive and well in modern Florence. Alongside the lampredotto, sample some pappa al pomodoro, followed by a selection of local cured meats and the first of many delicious glasses of wine. 

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Ponte Vecchio means “old bridge” in Italian. Shops have lined the famed Ponte Vecchio since the 13th century. Originally, there were many types of shops, including fishmongers, butchers and tanners. These shops caused such a great stench in the area, that in 1593 Ferdinand I proclaimed that only jewelers were allowed to set up shop on the bridge.

Tuscan Wine Tasting and Truffles

Florence is in Tuscany, one of the best wine-producing regions in the world. At your next stop, an outstanding wine bar, taste two different types of fine Tuscan Wine. Plus, taste some truffle and crostini in the heart of Florence. Remember, ask your guide if you have any questions or would like any advice on recipes.

Piazza Santo Spirito

Pass through Piazza Santo Spirito on the way to one of the best bakeries in Florence. Known as one of the most picturesque in Florence, this is where art meets nightlife. During the day, this is a peaceful place to wander through, especially when the local markets are active. In the evening, the square is where locals flock to enjoy a beer or cocktail. Artisan shops and art studios often open up in the evening too, giving this place a creative, hipster vibe. 

Old-Style Italian Bakery

Right around the corner you'll find a family-run bakery where you get to sample cantucci, the biscuits of Prato. The owners claim to make the best in Florence, but you get to decide if they are right. After tasting both the almond and chocolate cantucci, bring home a bag for later. 

Pasta and Florentine Steak*

A food tour in Florence without pasta or steak? No way! Sit down in a historical tavern, to an outstanding evening meal starting with pasta. Then if your group has four or more people, witness a cooking demonstration of the famous bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine Steak). Florence is famous around the world for this delightfully savory and rare meat. Finding a good one isn't easy. While it might seem undercooked, don't worry. This steak tastes like heaven on earth!

* If only three (or less) people end up on your food tour, we may end up serving tagliata instead of Florentina steak. Tagliata is a juicey and thick cut of beef that's simple and delicious.

The Best Gelato in Florence

If you've been in Italy, regardless of the time of year, you know how important it is to end each evening with Italian ice cream. It's almost a staple food for Italians (and certainly a staple for The Roman Guy team). Before ending your food tour in Florence, stop at a gelato shop for a refreshing after-dinner sweet. This place tops the chart amongst nearby gelaterie and is a well-known pit stop among locals. 

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