Florence Private Walking Tour with Michelangelo's David

Explore the Cradle of the Renaissance

Experience Florence with a local English-speaking guide on a private walking tour. On this Florence tour visit the Duomo, the famed Baptistry doors, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, Dante's district and Michelangelo's David.


We will be walking a lot on this tour, so make sure you bring your walking shoes.

3 h
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1 Duomo
2 Brunelleschi's Dome
3 Baptistry Doors
4 Florentine Gelato
5 Piazza della Signoria
6 Mercato
7 Porcellino Sculpture
8 Ponte Vecchio
9 Dante's Church
10 Dante's District
11 Orsanmichele
12 Accademia


Statue of David
Leather Market
Accademia Gallery
Duomo Exterior
Dante's District
Ponte Vecchio
Discover the best of Florence with your own personal guide on a private walking tour. Some of the most famous names of the Renaissance era are directly connected to beautiful Florence, including Dante, the Medici family, Michelangelo, Machiavelli and Leonardo Da Vinci. With the help of your private tour guide, immerse yourself in the Renaissance period by visiting some of Florence's most incredible works of art. This 3-hour Florence walking tour includes:
  • - A personal English-speaking guide
  • - Skip the line Accademia Tickets
  • - A stop for Florentine gelato (price of gelato not included)

  • - Visits to the Florence leather market, Dante’s district and Ponte Vecchio

Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia

When you walk into the Galleria della Accademia, you won’t immediately see Michelangelo’s famous David sculpture. Keep walking and you can’t miss it -- it’s bigger than you think! Your guide will explain the process of sculpting this masterpiece, and don’t worry, there will be plenty of time for pictures. Skip the line tickets are included in the cost of this private Florence tour

Duomo from the Outside

The second stop on your Florentine adventure is the place you can see from just about anywhere in the city. The Duomo, or more formally known Cathedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, is known for its gothic architecture and huge red dome. While this tour only views this landmark from the outside, we recommend going back after your tour to explore more and try a climb to the top if you have time! Located a few feet away from the Duomo is one of Florence’s oldest buildings, the Baptistery, and the Campanile di Giotto (Giotto’s Bell Tower) which both compliment this beautiful landmark.

Baptistry Doors

The octagonal structure adjacent to the cathedral is one of the oldest and most iconic buildings in all of Florence. Your guide will recount the wondrous story of the creation of the bronze baptistery doors. The detailed engravings in each portion of the doors will help you understand why the great Michelangelo dubbed these works of art the “Gates of Paradise.”

Florentine Gelato

Did you ever think there were secrets to eating Italian gelato? Like most Italian foods and traditions, there is a specific kind of gelato to eat, and specific flavors to pair with each season. Your guide will make sure you leave with the full “scoop.” Remember to bring a little cash for gelato, as it’s not included in the price of the tour.

Piazza della Signoria

Explore this “L” shaped piazza and its many sculptures. Look up and see the beautiful Palazzo Vecchio, a once Medici-owned palace that overlooks the city. Learn about the secret tunnel that the esteemed Medici family built to get to the other side of the river without seeing common city folk. Lastly, see that statue that many Florence visitors mistake as the David.

Florence Leather Market

By this point, you have already discovered two of Florence’s best features - food and art. Now, you can explore the third - leather! Explore one of the many leather markets in Florence and, if you’re brave, try to win over a vendor with your bargaining skills.

The Porcellino Statue

After exploring the leather market you and your guide will come across an important sculpture of a boar! Sounds strange? Your guide will uncover the history of what may seem like a very random statue. Toss a coin in it’s mouth for good luck, and rub the boar’s nose to wish for a trip back to Florence.


Discover a special Florentine church with rich history. The iconic statues along the perimeter of the church will spike your curiosity. Not to worry - your guide will fill you in on the rich history of this beautiful church.

Dante’s District and House

Embark on a journey through the rich history of Divine Comedy poet Dante Alighieri. Turn down an alleyway and see the house he grew up in, which now operates as a museum.

The History of Ponte Vecchio

For the last stop on your Florentine adventure, walk over the most interesting bridge in the city! In fact, it looks more like a street while you’re strolling on it. Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) is iconic for its jewelry trade so treat yourself, take some scenic pictures of the River Arno, and learn about the Vassari Corridor and what the Medici Family really needed it built for.