There are 5 key themes for this role. Please make sure you have experience in all before reading on.

  • Project Management
  • People Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Measurement

To be the Senior Manager of Integrated Marketing at The Roman Guy means taking control of departments both in the US and Italy. Your role is to ensure that structure, strategy, and transparency drive the day-to-day activities of your team. Together with your team, you will set goals and you won’t stop until they are achieved. There is no option to “drop the ball” on projects.

The Integrated Marketing department combines the following departments:

  • Sales
  • Customer care
  • Marketing & PR

In order to lead these departments, you should have experience and/or knowledge & education in all of these fields. You will work closely with managers from each department to build strategies, measure success and identify new opportunities to help achieve quarterly and annual department and revenue goals.

It is ultimately your responsibility to monitor progress and optimization within the department, as well as to inspire your team to overachieve. Healthy competition is encouraged.

This role requires a leader, who is not scared to also get their hands dirty with day-to-day work. As well as the strategic and measurement side of the role, you’ll have plenty of tactical tasks to support your department’s success.

This is not an easy job, so expect a challenge.


  • Bachelors Degree in related field
  • Post-Grad is a plus
  • 4+ years management experience
  • 4+ years of marketing experience
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics, Adwords, WordPress, SEO platforms/tools
  • SEO certificates/education
  • Valid Driving License
  • Valid Passport

Job Type: Full-time

Interested? Send your resume and brief cover letter to [email protected].