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Prosecco vs Champagne Infographic

written by Sean Finelli September 22, 2016

Time for a Prosecco vs Champagne Infographic! Champagne and Prosecco have never been as popular! To help distinguish between the two, we’ve put together this infographic with all the information you need to understand origin, characteristics and peculiarities of Prosecco and Champagne. Discover the differences between the two and make up your own mind about which bubbly is your favorite.

Tank vs Traditional Method

When discussing wine, take into consideration both the taste of the wine and the price – many debates surrounding which wine is better focus not only on taste but also value for money. French Champagne is a classic, but is Italian Prosecco a better bubbly for your spend? So, what are you waiting for? Go out! Buy a bottle of each and enjoy your evening (while learning a little something with each sip).

Prosecco vs Champagne Infographic

prosecco vs champagne who's best?

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