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See Tuscany & Chianti on Top Florence Food & Wine Tours

written by Sean Finelli February 12, 2020

Florence has some of the most delicious cuisines in the world. With local foods like bruschetta, ribollita, prosciutto, and of course the famous Florentine Steak, these tours lead you (and feed you) through the long history of Florence. Take a bite with our English-speaking guides and discover Florence through its food. 

Delicious Florence Food Tour with Local Wine & Florentine Steak

Beginning at the Piazza della Signoria, this light walking tour brings you over the famed Ponte Vecchio bridge and through the heart of Florence. You’ll try some delicious local aperitivo (typically wine before a meal), prior to a traditional dinner of Tuscan pasta and one of the best Florentine steaks you can find anywhere in the city. 

Along the way, make sure to leave room for plenty of wine. You’ll sample a wide variety of it at an 800-year-old wine shop, paired with delicious olive oil and truffles. And after your dinner, try the vin santo with local biscotti

This is a great tour with a guide knowledgeable in the rich and detailed history of Florence and its food, without waiting to eat. 

Tuscany Wine Tour from Florence with Farm to Table Lunch

When you sign up for this exclusive tour, you will be chauffeured to the Chianti Hills, one of the finest wine regions in the world. Upon arrival, you will meet the families that own and operate the very best wineries in Tuscany. Oh, and there will be tons of wine to share along the way.

The tour begins at San Gimignano, a historic town famous for its tall towers and rich history. After your guide shares historical stories about the town, you’ll set off for the hills for a traditional sit-down lunch at a local winery. 

After a full day of exploring and drinking, you’ll head back to Florence. It’s a wonderful getaway, and a unique experience many tourists miss out on.

Wine day in the Chianti Hills from Florence

If you’d like to spend longer in the beautiful Chianti region, then this is the tour for you. 

Travel out of Florence into the sunny Tuscan countryside. After you arrive at a local organic Chianti farm, you and the owner will tour the grounds and discover what makes Tuscany wine cherished by people around the world. 

The owner will bring you some of their finest organic wine and olive oil for you to taste. There is an emphasis on “slow food”, an Italian movement centered on local, organically grown produce and authentic customary recipes. Here you will be treated to some of the farm’s locally grown products with lunch and wine included. 

Think the tour is over? Think again. After eating and drinking, you will have the opportunity to explore a relatively unknown, tucked-away village in the Chianti region, before heading back for an evening in Florence. 


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